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Can swim without swimmingI caught a crocodileA great place for 20 day trips to SydneyPerth Bus Freedom Raiders
In spite of the strong opposition of the fishermen and the chartered fishing industry, the South Australian government is determined to implement the ban on fishing and fishing for squid in the South Australian coast in the next three years.
In the quiet afternoon of spring, carefully dress up, bring three or five friends, share the lazy sunshine, share afternoon tea snacks, this noble and elegant sense of ritual, for you to drive away all the troubles, enjoy life!
It is reported that 68-year-old Australian tourist Edward Padinga was found dead in a hotel room in Buriram, Thailand. The time when the corpse was discovered was about 3 hours from its suicide time. The local police found a suicide note at the scene, in addition to 3,000 baht. Part of the suicide note reads: "Do not blame anyone... I am satisfied with my..." "I am sorry for all those who try to help me."
Sydney Attractions
The romantic port is a symbol of Sydney's prosperity, Sydney's most colourful tourist and shopping centre, and the highest standard of night life in Sydney.
Located in Sydney port, connecting the north and south sides of Sydney port, it is one of Sydney's most famous landmark buildings and tourist attractions
One of Australia's most famous beaches, 1.5 km in length, with soft sands and emerald waters, bustling, powerful, wild, and glamorous are the dominant tones of Bondi Beach.
Melbourne Attractions
Corinth Street is often considered Australia's first Street with the best Victorian architecture and the most famous luxury shopping mall in Australia, where history and modernity blend.
With a history of more than a hundred years, the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere is also one of the most famous scenic spots in Melbourne
The largest casino in the southern hemisphere, with luxury hotels, local delicacies, hot springs and brand shopping, is the same as a collection of luxury hotels, local cuisine, hot springs and brand shopping.
Adelaide Attractions
The central market is "the heart of Adelaide" and one of Adelaide's landmarks. This 100-year-old market is the essence of Adelaide's business and one of Adelaide's most important cultural heritage.
North Street bears the history of South Australia. This street, which brings together museums, art galleries, libraries, Adelaide University, etc., is a gathering place for Adelaide culture and art.
The Greer Beach is the best beach in Adelaide, with the sun, white sand, beaudy and sunbathing, and the streets of the busy streets can be noisy until midnight
Brisbane Attractions
The world's third largest sand island is famous for reporting on time every night.
The hydrophilic park built along the river is considered to be the best city park in Australia
One of Australia's best zoos, Peng Liyuan, once came here to hug the lovely koala.
Perth Attractions
Located on the Swan River, close to the University of Western Australia, it is the best place to watch the panoramic view of the Perth city.
Famous for its smiling little kangaroos, the island has 63 beaches, 20 bays and many lakes.
The ancient and quiet Fremantel is at least a light-year away from the busy Perth urban forest and still remains as it was in the 19 th century.
Darwin Attractions
It is the best place to learn about the art, history, and culture of the Northern Territory and the local aborigines.
There's plenty of opportunity to get in touch with the world's biggest and most aggressive salt-water alligator.
A 24-hour comprehensive entertainment center covering accommodations, dining, casinos, gyms, swimming pools, etc.
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