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Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park NSW 2787, Australia

Introduction of Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park is located in the Blue Mountain area of range (Great Dividing Range), New South Wales, about 100km west of Sydney, NSW.

Blue Mountains National Park is part of the World Natural Heritage site assessed by UNESCO: big Blue Mountain range area (Greater Blue Mountains Area, 2000), while the Great Blue Mountain range World Heritage site consists of seven national parks and one protected area, with the exception of Blue Mountains National Park: Wulemi National Park (Wollemi National Park) Wolle, Yangeo National Park (Yengo National Park), Natay National Park (Nattai National Park), Kanangra-Boyd National Park), Gardenstone National Park (Gardens of Stone National Park), Salemi Lake National Park (Thirlmere Lakes National Park) and Jane Roland Cave Karst Reserve (Jenolan Caves Karst Conservation Reserve), while Blue Mountains National Park is the most famous of these national parks and areas, with the highest degree of tourism development and the closest to Sydney.

Blue Mountains National Park covers an area of 2689.87 square kilometers and has irregular boundaries, separated by roads, urban areas and private gardens. Despite its name "mountain", the area is actually a rising plateau, separated by several rivers from the outside world.

From the watchtower on the edge of Blue Mountains National Park, I saw the blue mountains and mountains, disappearing into the sky. Close view, full of cliffs, towering; waterfalls turbulent, purging down, dissolved into the lush forest sea, or fell into the towering gullies. Thousands of peaks of green tree clouds, falling flowers and silent water murmur, in this blue sky, fresh air, ethereal mountain fog composed of the valley stage, the distinctive four seasons take turns to perform different colors of the big play. For Australians who know only the rainy season and the dry season, Blue Mountain is particularly clearly four seasons, so they often come here to avoid the three volts on the coast. The Sydney love to spend weekends in pleasant hotels, winding deep canyons between boulders, sandstone, waterfalls, lush eucalyptus forests and fern forests, making them ideal places for hiking and wandering. Blue Mountains National Park is inhabited by as many as 80, 000 residents, Xingbu in seven large and small villages and towns, human and nature, primitive and civilized, so long-term harmony, giving people a feeling of returning to nature.

Blue Mountains National Park's most famous scenery is the three sister peak (The Three Sisters), Dan cliff reflecting the blue sky, with a different charm. Legend has it that the three sisters of the aboriginal Australians fell in love with the three brothers of the descendants of their enemies and put on an Australian version of Romeo and Juliet. The brave three sisters would rather turn into three stubborn rocks in order to resist feudal evil forces.

Katumba (Katoomba) is a gateway to Blue Mountains National Park and other attractions in the Blue Mountain area, about 100km from Sydney, or by (Blue Mountains Line) on the Blue Mountain Line at Sydney central Station (Central Station). Katumba is very close to the three sister peaks and the location of the cable car, Blue Mountain Landscape World (Scenic World), so Katumba has become synonymous with Blue Mountain to a certain extent. The town is very lively, and the unique Australian style welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world in the morning. At the same time, the small town of Lula (Leura), about 3 kilometers from Katumba, is also worth visiting. Lula has a beautiful environment and often has all kinds of exhibitions, especially the annual Lula Flower Festival (Leura Gardens Festival),.


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