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Bruny Island

Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia

Introduction of Bruny Island

Bruny Island is located on the southeast coast of Tasmania and is separated by the D'Entrecasteaux Channel) Strait of Tasmania and covers an area of about 362 square kilometers. The islands and straits are named after the French explorer Bruni d / 39 / Entrecasteaux.

Bruny Island is technically a small island connected by two lotus roots. The whole island is divided into two parts, North Bruny and South Bruny, and the middle has a narrow, narrow, sandy isthmus: The Neck. Bruny Island has become a whaling base in 1804, with roads extending from South to North through the entire island, the Simons Bay, Adventure Bay and the population, and the island's eco-economy is dominated by fruit, grain, flowers and dairy products, with the view of the beauty of the landscape, with tourism accounting for the whole island in recent years.

North Bruny Island has a resort, Dennes Point, and South Bruni has settlements such as Arona (Alonnah) and Lunavana (Lunawanna).

Outside the island's settlement are pastures and large eucalyptus forests, and inland forests are being cut down, while most others, especially the southeast coastline, are protected by South Bruni National Park (South Bruny National Park), which faces the sea with two long beaches, Adventure Bay and Yunwan (Cloudy Bay), diabase cliffs more than 200m above sea level. It is one of Australia's tallest seaside cliffs, and the side of the bay is a good place for locals and tourists to fish and entertain.

Bruny Island is picturesque, beautiful and spectacular, with steep seaside cliffs, vast beaches, picturesque coastlines, Australian sea dogs, seabirds, dolphins, and whales when you are lucky.

Visitors can take a local travel company speedboat to enjoy coastal rocks, cliffs and caves, wild birds and seals during a three-hour voyage along the coastline, or a full-day trip with Bruny Island sightseeing and delicious morning tea.


  • Bruny Island has no bridge to the island of Tasmania and needs to travel from the small town of Catelyn, Tasmania (Kettering, is about 30 kilometers from Hobart, the capital of Tasmania) to reach the Bruny Island wharf (Bruny Island Ferry Terminal), ferry in North Bruni 7 days a week. Please book in advance during the rush hour. Http://


  • Free on the island, the ferry needs to be paid.

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