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Abrolhos Islands

Houtman Abrolhos WA 6530, Australia

Introduction of Abrolhos Islands

Abrolhos Islands is located in the Indian Ocean, about 100km west of Western Australia's fourth-largest city, Geraldton, and consists of 122 islands, large and small.

Known as Western Australia's Last Secrets, Abrolhos Islands is known for its mystery, grandeur and purity. Located 70 km west of the city of Geralton, the archipelago is a Class A nature reserve, but unlike other tourist sites, the islands are managed exclusively by the fisheries sector. With the exception of fishermen and tourists (who must return on the same day), others are not allowed to enter the islands in private, and as a result, the sea is as pure as ever, completely unpolluted. Abrolhos Islands itself is made up of coral reef communities because of the existence of a large area of reef. There have been many historic shipwrecks here. If you fly on a sightseeing plane, visitors will be able to see for themselves the ruins of the shipwreck in the sea! At the same time, because coral reefs are shallow and undamaged, it is one of the best snorkeling parks in the world, comparable to the Great Barrier Reef. Due to the effect of Li Wenyang current, the water temperature remains at 20? 22 degrees all year round, and is suitable for swimming and snorkeling at any time. The island is rich in animal and plant resources because of its unique geographical environment. There are all kinds of lizards, especially the rare animals Wallaby kangaroo (Wallaby, ultra-small kangaroo, a special species of kangaroo only found on the island), white sea carving, sea eagle and so on. There are 122 islands on the island that you can see for yourself in the animal world,. Abrolhos Islands, from March 15 to June 30 each year. Fishermen in lobster fishing and their families will live on 22 of these islands. The lobster industry and its prosperity on the island, the total output of up to 1.5 million kg / year, the total value of more than 40 million Australian dollars per year. Australian lobsters from many restaurants in China come from Abrolhos Islands.. China is currently the most important market for Abrolhos Islands lobster. In addition to lobster, Abrolhos Islands, which is also rich in pearls, the world's most expensive black pearls are produced in eight different locations in the archipelago, so black pearls are one of Geralton's famous specialties. Hutt lagoon, a pink lake on Hartman Abrolhos Islands, is also a famous tourist attraction. It has a spectacular atoll and is rated the best fishing place in the world. Another very popular activity here is bird watching. The island has a vast expanse of seabirds and now houses more than 90 known species. It also has a wide variety of marine life, beautiful coral gardens provide a first-class diving and snorkeling experience, and sea lions, dolphins and migrating whales are frequently present in the area. Abrolhos Islands also has a rich history of navigation. The notorious (Batavia) shipwreck in Badavia lies at the bottom of (Morning Reef), clear Morning Reef, (Wallabi) Islands, Warrap Island. Badavia crashed on a virgin flight from the Netherlands in 1629, a terrible story about treason and murder told by the Geraldton Museum (Museum of Geraldton). Visitors can travel from Geralton or Karbari (Kalbarri) by cruise ship to Abrolhos Islands, or from Geralton by sightseeing plane or helicopter. Accommodation is not available on the island.

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Australia - Western Australia
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阿布罗柳斯群岛、 阿布罗柳斯岛
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