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Green Island

Green Island, QLD 4871, Australia

Introduction of Green Island

Green Island is located in (Great Barrier Reef), Queensland's famous World Heritage Great Barrier Reef, on the ocean east of Cairns, about 28 kilometers from Keynes in a straight line. It takes about 50 minutes to get there by boat from Keynes. Green Island's green means that the water here is green, emerald-like, and on the other hand, the island is covered in green rainforests and shady with trees all over the island.

Green Island traveled 6, 000 years ago and covers an area of about 0.15 square kilometers and takes 40 minutes to walk around the island. Green Island's heart is the lush rainforest, the only coral island with coral reefs and rainforests co-existing. The entire Green Island and surrounding coral reefs now belong to the protected area of Green Island National Park (Green Island National Park).

There are shops and laundry facilities on the Green Island for tourists, and although there is a nice resort on the island, many of them are scheduled to travel from Keynes to and from Keynes, a day trip that usually starts in the morning. On board the cruise ship you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of the sea, from the early morning mist to the sun is only a moment, and when the boat into the deep sea area, it can be deep diving, snorkeling, swimming and so on. When it comes to Green Island, you can explore the scenery of the rainforest, or sunbathe on the beach, or you can float coral in the clear water, or walk quietly around the island with the hand of your lover, and glide on the water. Sightseeing by helicopter and by transparent boat bottom is also very popular.

Australia - Queensland
Attraction - Beach
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