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The Ghan

Adelaide Parklands Terminal Richmond Rd, Keswick SA 5035, Australia

Introduction of The Ghan

The Ghan, a symbol of Australia's train, which began operation in 1877, has now become a real landscape on Australia's central rail line, a route that runs through mainland that allows passengers to experience the purest Australian scenery, from the lush beauty of the interior to the luxuriant tropics of the north, and is one of the top ten train scenic lines in the world.

(Adelaide Parklands Terminal) boarded The Ghan, at Adelaide Parkland Station in Adelaide and looked out of the window as the view gradually changed from the rolling green mountains of South Australia to the rusty red inland, and eventually into the tropical scenery of (Top End) at the top of Australia. From the warm south, through the distant red center, to the hot north. The legendary The Ghan, logo is camel, which is said to rely mainly on camels, especially Afghan camels, in times without trains.

If you board the Gan from south to north in Adelaide, the view outside the window will gradually change from the rolling mountain view of South Australia to the rough inland, rust-red middle, and you will finally be greeted by Darwin's tropical rainforest and cool sea breeze. On the way, a few stations can stop and join the local tour group to explore the famous inland towns of Alice Springs (Alice Springs) and Catherine (Katherine),. Or cruise Katherine Canyon (Katherine Gorge), canoeing down the river to feel the most primitive Australian scenery.

Starting from Adelaide Parklands Terminal, Richmond Rd, Adelaide SA5035, The Ghan passes through Alice Springs and Catherine to Darwin, the capital of Northern Territory. It takes about 3,000 kilometers, two nights.

The Ghan is divided into three different classes of cabin:Red Service, Gold Service, Platinum Service. The total fare from Adelaide to Darwinia varies from 2400/person to 4000/person. The fare will be adjusted every year. Please check for reservation.

Red Service is the most economic of the three ways, spacious seating space, comfortable foot extension, day and night in their seats, sleeping chairs can be 45 degrees tilt, can also turn to meet friends in other seats face to face, public toilets and showers, diet can buy their own meals and drinks in cafe or dining car.

  • All seats are available with power sockets and free magazines
  • Each guest can carry 2 pieces of 20 kilos of luggage (40 kilograms in total)

Gold Service is divided into double room Gold Twin or single room Gold Single: Gold Twin, sofa with three seats during the day, which can be converted into upper and lower beds at night, with a private bathroom in the comfortable box. The Gold Single, compact box comes with a bed that can be converted to a single seat during the day, sharing shower / toilet facilities.

  • Cabin power outlet
  • The cost includes a short trip to the intermediate stop.
  • Each guest can carry 60 kilos of luggage
  • Free bus shuttle to central Darwin hotel
  • Enjoy a premium meal in the deluxe Queen Adelaide Restaurant, breakfast, two-course lunch and three-way dinner.

Platinum is divided into double beds Double Cabin and two single beds Twin Cabin. During the day is a spacious private lounge that invites three or five friends to meet and convert into a comfortable bedroom at night to give you a good sleep quality, with a full-size private bathroom, shower, washbasin and cupboard space, toilet and free Australian toiletries, as well as free chef options as well as alcohol and drinks.

  • Locked box, power outlet
  • With great beauty, the screen window is facing both sides of the train
  • Pick-up service within 50 km from the starting point and the end point for guests
  • Each guest can carry 75 kg of luggage (3 x 25 kg)
Australia - South Australia
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