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Brisbane South Bank Parkland

Stanley Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia

Introduction of Brisbane South Bank Parkland

Brisbane South Bank Parkland is located on the south bank of the Brisbane River (Brisbane River) Brisbane the capital of Queensland, covering 16 hectares.

Brisbane South Bank Parkland is the site of the 1988 expo in australia. After the exhibition, the municipal authorities originally wanted to be converted into a flat house and converted into a hydrophilic park after being opposed by the public. Apart from catering and parking fees, it is completely free and is known as one of australia's best city parks.

The Brisbane South Bank Parkland winds along the south bank of the Brisbane River, connected by the Victoria Bridge and other northern urban areas of Brisbane. The park stretches 2 kilometers long, its logo is a curved iron shelf promenade, runs through the whole park, the iron frame shape is chic, above crawling with pink triangle plum, triangle plum blossom four seasons, so the scenery of the whole year is unchanged.

Brisbane South Bank Parkland is the best place to visit Brisbane, the best place to enjoy the Brisbane subtropical climate, the white artificial beach street heart beach (Streets Beach), the open pool, riverside walkways and free barbecue area, the best place to enjoy the Brisbane subtropical climate, is also the choice for people to have an open-air picnic. The park features clear artificial beaches and lush green meadows where you can barbecue, take a cruise to enjoy the riverfront view, or take a street show in the square and walk into the cinema to see a super-screen movie. South bank park is like a Brisbane city green lung, in the delight of the green, relaxed quiet, and understanding of the leisurely, feel the unique charm of the Australian city.

From the clear-water Kodak artificial beach in the Brisbane South Bank Parkland, to the green garden in the shade of grass, moving to change scenery, beautiful. There are many trees in the park, pleasing to the eye is green, relaxed is quiet, understanding is leisurely. Visitors come here to relax, slow down, take a walk in the riverside, or enjoy the bright sunshine in the shade of a tree, or stroll along the boulevard with their wives and children leisurely, or watch street shows in the square, go to the cinema to see a big screen movie, or walk alone on a skateboard, run long and ride a bike through the woods; Or find a quiet afternoon, take the steam paddle-powered queen kucabra yacht or canoe, sailing between the city of china and the south bank park, while the city's winding across the brisbane river beautiful scenery, enjoy the landscape, while on the cruise boat enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner.


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