Name: Whitsundays

Loc: Australia - Queensland
Kind: Attraction - Beach
Rating: 9.5 / 10
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Addr: Whitsundays QLD 4802, Australia

Introduction of Whitsundays

Whitsundays (Whitsundays, is located off the eastern coast of Queensland and belongs to the famous World Natural Heritage Reef (Great Barrier Reef), which consists of 74 coral reefs large and small.

Whitsunday Island, also known as the Holy Spirit, is the largest island in Whitsuns, and the rest of the islands include Hayman Island, Hamilton Island, Lineman Island, Daydream Island, and Hook Island. The vast majority of the islands are top-class tourist resorts. The island of Hamilton is the largest resort island in the Islands, known as the "Great Barrier Reef of Australia", the island's final climate is comfortable and the activity is more colorful, and for those who enjoy outdoor activities, the island of Brighton is definitely not a two-way choice. It's also the honeymoon destination for the newly.We can see the well-known heart-shaped reef for 30 minutes from the Hamilton island and a 30-minute boat ride to Whitespace Beach.

Coastal Airlie Beach (Airlie Beach) is the gateway to Whitsundays, a colorful, very urbanized, attractive seaside town, calm yacht spots on the sea, providing an ideal foothold for vacations and adventures in Whitsundays. In addition to providing a large number of accommodation and entertainment equipment, the needs of tourists can basically be met. Visitors can also travel to (Shute Harbour), a Saudi seaport about 10 kilometers from Airlie Beach, where they can take boats to resorts on the island or hire private boats.

Prusselpina Airport (Proserpine Airport, about 35 kilometers from downtown Airlie Beach, is the air portal of Whitsundays, and Hamilton Island is the only island with a commercial airport on many Whitsundays islands (there is a direct flight between airport code: HTI), and Sydney,Melbourne,Brisbane and Cairns.

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Whitsundays Attraction

Whitehaven Beach
Heart Reef
Daydream Island
Hamilton Island
Whitsunday Island
One Tree Hill
Hardy Reef
South Molle Island
Catseye Beach
Hill Inlet Lookout
Passage Peak
Long Island
Hook Island
Lindeman Island
Luncheon Bay
Dent Island
Langford Island
Butterfly Bay

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Whitsundays Travel tips

Be sure to go to the Great Barrier Reef and see the World Wonder Heart Reef. Whitsundays is the best choice. Whitsundays is made up of 74 coral islands, the most famous of which are Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach. How should we choose between the two? Then let us from the traffic, accommodation, f......
Whether it's diving into the water, swimming with the fish, sea turtles, etc., or overlooking the grandeur and romance of the Great Barrier Reef, including the Heart-shaped Reef, the soft white sand brings a pure touch. Everything you see here is a feast of vision....
When my local friends first recommended White Heaven Beach to me, I didn't think so. I've been to so many kinds of beaches, and White Paradise Beach should be just one of them. However, when I really saw from the sky that white and blue intertwined magic color, I was really shocked, the world really......

Hotels near Whitsundays

Palm Bay Resort
From: 229.0 AUD
Distance: 2.8 km
Coral Point Lodge
From: 140.0 to 245.0 AUD
Distance: 8.5 km
The Edge 5
From: 912.0 AUD
Distance: 8.8 km
Yacht Club Villa 20
Distance: 8.8 km
Distance: 8.8 km
Edge Apartments
Distance: 8.8 km
Shorelines 31
Distance: 8.8 km
Casuarina Cove Apartments
From: 440.1 AUD
Distance: 8.9 km

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