Limestone Coast

Name: Limestone Coast

Loc: Australia - South Australia
Kind: Area
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Introduction of Limestone Coast

Limestone Coast is an extensive coastline and inland area from (Coorong National Park), South Australia's Curong National Park, to (Nelson), which is located on the Victorian border. Located roughly between Melbourne and Adelaide,. Limestone Coast does not have a beautiful city view, no simplicity against a large vineyard like Barossa Valley, and no natural freshness like kangaroo island. But along the way of Limestone Coast Mercedes-Benz, visitors can see the spectacular scenery produced by nature, and the formation of the natural landscape of. Limestone Coast, which exhibits Australia's primordial scenery for 26 million years, under the primordial forces of the movement of ocean and crustal plates. The coast is perfectly carved as it is now, like a natural paradise. There are beautiful sea views and rich pristine inland scenery, two self-driving lines can see different scenery, the rugged coastline battered by the waves, clear blue water and sparsely populated beaches, or lush fields, and the two self-driving lines can see the different scenery, the rugged coastline hit by the waves, the clear blue water and the sparsely populated beaches, or the lush fields. Craters, caves, vineyards and boundless pine forests.

Limestone Coast links Melbourne to South Australia, starting from Adelaide or Melbourne, with a convenient route and a rich natural landscape, making it once a very popular tourist route. Ideal for travelers from Melbourne through the inland or spectacular Oceanic Road (Great Ocean Road).

Limestone Coast City

Mount Gambier
Population: 29k
Population: 5k
Population: 5k
Population: 3k
Kingston SE
Population: 2k
Population: 2k
Population: 2k
Population: 1k
Port Macdonnell
Population: 1k
Population: 1k
Population: 1k
Population: 1k
Population: 1k
Population: 1k

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SA Skydiving

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Whether in road movies or car ads, we can often see the images of driving galloping, the car while enjoying the pleasure of driving, while enjoying the roadside scenery, the expression is very intoxicated. If you also want to find a place like this and feel the pleasure of driving through the painti......
This article is a scenic spot, route introduction to the introduction of strategic travel notes, I hope to help friends.The shortest route from Melbourne to Adelaide is about 720 km, and the self-driving route is usually taken from Jilang to Campbell Port after 12 disciples to turn inland, the entir......

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