Sydney Opera House

Name: Sydney Opera House

Loc: Australia - New South Wales - Sydney
Rating: 10.0 / 10
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Addr: Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Tel: (02) 9250 7111

Introduction of Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is located in the circular wharf (Circular Quay) area in the center of Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, facing the water on three sides of the (Sydney Harbour), in the port of Sydney. The building is like three groups of huge shells, and the appearance is very beautiful. Sydney Opera House, along with (Sydney Harbour Bridge), the nearby Sydney Harbour Bridge, is Sydney's most important landmark, attracting millions of tourists from all over the world every year. This comprehensive art center, which is considered to be a giant sculptural work in the history of modern architecture, is one of the symbolic symbols of Australia and was selected as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2007.

Sydney Opera House is one of the most characteristic buildings in the 20 th century, and it is also the landmark of Sydney, the world famous performing arts center. The theater was designed by J ø rn Oberg Utzon), a Danish designer, who began construction in 1959 and officially completed the Grand Theater in 1973. On June 28, 2007, the building was named World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, the common country. Sydney Opera House will provide official Chinese Putonghua tours every day for 30 minutes, during which there will be knowledgeable Putonghua tour guides. Sydney Opera House's white appearance, shell-like sculptures built on seaports, like scattered petals floating in the air, have been amazing for years.

Sydney Opera House consists of two main halls, some small theatres, acting halls and other ancillary facilities. The two halls are located in the larger sail structure, and the small acting hall is located in the base at the bottom. The largest main hall is the concert hall, which can hold up to 2679 people. The original intention of the design was to build the largest hall into an opera house, but then the design was changed, and even the finished opera stage was pushed down and rebuilt. There is an organ in the concert hall, made by Ronald Sharp (Ronald Sharp) from 1969 to 1979. It is claimed to be the largest mechanical wooden organ in the world and consists of 10500 air ducts. The smaller one in the main hall is the opera house. Since the larger main hall was originally designed as an opera house, the small hall was not considered suitable for large opera performances, the stage was relatively small and the space given to the band was not convenient for the large band to play.

The first group of shell slices is on the west side of the location, with four pairs of shells arranged in strands, three pairs facing north and one pair facing south, and inside is the largest concert hall of the theatre, (Concert Hall) and theatre (Drama Theatre). The second group of shells, on the east side of the location, is roughly parallel to the first group, in the same form and slightly smaller in size, mainly in the Joan Sutherland Theatre (Joan Sutherland Theatre). The third group of shells, the smallest in their southwest, consists of two pairs of shells, full of restaurants and bars. Other theatres (PlayHouse), studio (Studio), studio, shopping mall and so on are cleverly arranged in the pedestal.

Sydney Opera House hosts thousands of performances every year, including ballet, opera, drama, dance, music, comedy and children's program.

Sightseeing tours and fees:

  • External visits: free of charge;
  • (Sydney Opera House Tour):, led by a professional tour guide, stepped into the opera house and explored its magic.
  • Duration: about 1 hour;
  • Frequency: every day from 9: 00 to 17:00, every 15 minutes or 30 minutes;
  • Fee:Adult:$42;Children(515 years old):$22;Family(2 large, 2 small):$106;
  • Language: English, in addition to French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Putonghua tour guides, with Putonghua guides starting at 9 / 30, 11 / 00, 13 / 00 and 14 / 30 per day;

Backstage trip (Backstage Tour): explores opera houses that are not open to the public, visits rehearsals, and enjoys breakfast in the exclusive area of the performers

  • Length: about 2.5 hours
  • Time: starting at 7: 00 every day, please arrive at the back door of the theater (Stage Door) collection before 6:45;
  • Cost: $175; children aged 15 years need to be led by adults; children under 10 years of age are declined;
  • Language:English only;

The sightseeing and gourmet tour (Tour and Tasting Plate): is the same as the Sydney Opera House tour, and after the tour to the opera house kitchen (Opera Kitchen), with the sparkling Sydney port, enjoy Australian cuisine

  • Time: about 1 hour, and after the visit to the opera house kitchen to enjoy food;
  • Frequency: every day from 9: 00 to 17:00, every 15 minutes or 30 minutes;
  • Cost: 82.8 Australian dollars for adults; 64.8 Australian dollars for children (5 15 years of age);
  • Language: English, in addition to French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Putonghua tour guides, with Putonghua guides starting at 9 / 30, 11 / 00, 13 / 00 and 14 / 30 per day;

Registration venue for the above activities: (Guided Tour Desk), upstairs tour guide

How to get to:

  • Take the Sydney free bus (Free Shuttle Bus 555), get off and walk for 5 minutes and 10 minutes under the ring wharf (Circular Quay) station;
  • Take the bus 333, 380, 389, 396, 397, 399,890, L94, X94, under circular wharf E station (Circular Quay E), walking for about 5 minutes;
  • Ferry: the nearest ferry wharf to Sydney Opera House is a circular wharf (Circular Quay), that can choose different ferry routes according to its itinerary.
  • From Mrs. Macaulay's seat in (Royal Botanic Gardens), Royal Botanical Garden of Sydney (Mrs Macquarie's Chair), is about 10 minutes' walk to the gate of the Opera House.

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Reviews of Sydney Opera House

其实悉尼歌剧院表面已经泛黄了,而且建筑都已经挺老的了,远看比较好看,但是近看的话才能感受到她的伟大,但是谁能想到它当初在参赛的时候就差点被淘汰了呢,要不是后来遇到伯乐,那我们世人可能就永远见不到这座雄伟的建筑了。 不要跟导游进去逛,很不合适,可以买晚上悉尼歌剧院音乐会的票,莫扎特音乐会的票学生价才25澳元,其他音乐会或者歌剧门票的价格在49到120澳元之间,比国内便宜很多!白天的参观都是假的,晚上的表演才是真的!
我们参加了中文导游的内部探索之旅,要注意的是,游览过程中禁止摄像,可以拍照,但有些地方是禁止拍照的,要听从导游指挥,手机调成静音,尊重艺术,也尊重自己。 出来后在歌剧院下面的一条小路上有一排餐厅,都有着悉尼港的无敌海景,点上一杯咖啡,吹着海风,还有海鸥相伴,情调满分。
对于学建筑的人来说,世界有几个殿堂级的地方是一定要去的,比如说维也纳的金色大厅,又比如悉尼歌剧院。 非常兴奋,看到了悉尼歌剧院的整体建筑,而且刚好赶上图兰朵的演出,和家人一起买了票,好好的欣赏一下整体的歌剧院的风格和感受。声音效果一定是国际顶级的,同时歌剧院周边方便的配套设施以及合理的布局满足休闲和其他方面的各项需求,个人觉得非常适合带小孩子来体验一下。

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