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Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia

Introduction of Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island (Kangaroo Island) is the third largest island in southern Australia, about 110 kilometers from the capital Adelaide city of South Australia, covering an area of 4405 square kilometers, equivalent to eight Singapore or three half Chongming Island.

About 4000 residents of the Kangaroo Island, far from the noise of the city, is a real pure land. A quarter of the area of the island is designated as a national park and protected area. The island has a large number of kangaroos, seals, koalas and other rare wild animals.

The Chinese star, Huang Xiaoming, as South Australia's "Global Tourism Image Ambassador" in 2017, shot a group of promotional films for South Australia, including Kangaroo Island、 famous tourist destinations such as the Clyde Wildlife Park (Cleland Wildlife Park) and Adelaide Elliptical Stadium (Adelaide Oval) on the trip.

Kangaroo Island ferry :

  • There are a number of ferries each day from the southern tip of the Freire Peninsula (Fleurieu Peninsula) in the southern part of the Adelaide to the southern tip of the Jeves Cape (Cape Jervis) to the Kangaroo Island of Pannishaw (Penneshaw), different fares vary;
  • The range is about 45 minutes, with one-way fares ranging from A $28-49 per adult, A $98 for cars and A $196 for RV and trailer (2016);
  • Booking website:;
  • Travel season tickets are very tight, please book tickets in advance to avoid delay.

Kangaroo Island flights:

  • King Scott Airport (Kingscote Airport, code: KGC) is the only civilian airport on the island, a small regional airport with two to three flights per day between Adelaide, one-way fares of about A $100.

Kangaroo Island Main Municipalities:

  • Golden Scott (Kingscote), the largest town in Kangaroo Island;
  • Penny Shaw (Penneshaw), the location of the Kangaroo Island ferry from Adelaide to and from
  • Padna (Parndana), the agricultural town of central Kangaroo Island, is known as the heart of the Kangaroo Island
  • American River (American River)

Kangaroo Island have six national parks:

  • Flinders chase national park (Flinders Chase National Park)
  • Seal Bay Conservation Park (Seal Bay Conservation Park)
  • Cape Borda Conservation Park (Cape Borda Conservation Park)
  • Cape Gantom Conservation Park (Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park)
  • Cape Willoughby Conservation Park (Cape Willoughby Conservation Park)
  • Kelly Hill Conservation Park (Kelly Hill Conservation Park)

Little knowledge:

  • There are no foxes and rabbits on the island because Kangaroo Island are mainland isolated from Australia, and both animals are strictly prohibited from taking the island; cats on the island need to be forcibly registered and implanted with chips.
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