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Loc: Australia - South Australia - Adelaide
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Addr: Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia
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Introduction of Kangaroo Island

Located in southern South Australia, Kangaroo Island (Kangaroo Island, is the third largest island in Australia, about 110km from Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, and covers an area of 4405 square kilometers, equivalent to eight Singapore or three semi-Chongming islands.

About 4000 permanent residents of Kangaroo Island, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, is a real pure land. 1/4 of the area on the island is designated as a national park and protected area. The island is extremely well protected. It is inhabited by a large number of rare wild animals such as kangaroos, seals, koalas, and has the reputation of "unfenced zoo" and "first Island in Asia and the Pacific". It is one of the most famous tourist areas in South Australia. The average annual reception of tourists is more than 150000.

In 2017, Chinese star Huang Xiaoming, as South Australia's "Global Tourism Image Ambassador," filmed a set of promotional films for South Australia, including famous tourist destinations such as (Adelaide Oval), (Cleland Wildlife Park), Adelaide Oval Stadium, Kangaroo Island, Clyland Wildlife Park.

Kangaroo Island ferry :

  • Every day, a number of ferries travel from the southernmost tip of (Fleurieu Peninsula), Cape Javis (Cape Jervis), to Pennisho (Penneshaw), in Kangaroo Island, south of Adelaide, with different fares;
  • The voyage is about 45 minutes. Depending on the frequency of the flight, the one-way fare ranges from A $28 to A $49 per adult, A $98 for cars and A $196 for RV and trailer (2016).
  • Ticket purchase website: https://www.sealink.com.au/;
  • Tickets are very tight during the peak tourist season. Please book tickets in advance so as not to delay the itinerary.

Flight Kangaroo Island:

  • King Scott Airport(KGC)is the only civil airport on the island. It is a small regional airport with two or three flights coming to Adelaide every day. The one-way fare is about$100.

Kangaroo Island main municipalities:

  • The largest town in Kincott (Kingscote), Kangaroo Island;
  • Penny Shaw (Penneshaw), 's ferry location to and from Kangaroo Island from Adelaide
  • The central agricultural town of (Parndana), Kangaroo Island, known as the heart of Kangaroo Island.
  • American River.

Kangaroo Island has six national parks, namely:

  • Flinders Zeiss National Park (Flinders Chase National Park)
  • Haibao Bay Conservation Park (Seal Bay Conservation Park)
  • Cape Borda Conservation Park.
  • Gantom Cape Conservation Park (Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park)
  • Cape Willoughby Conservation Park (Cape Willoughby Conservation Park)
  • Kelly Mountain Conservation Park (Kelly Hill Conservation Park)

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南澳胜地袋鼠岛(Kangaroo Island)旅游地图中文版
Kangaroo Island in South Australia is the third largest island in Australia, one of the most famous tourist attractions in South Australia, with the reputation of"zooswithout fences" and"TheFirst Island in Asia". Kangaroo Island is rare and far away from noisy cities, with six national parks on the ......
After two days in Baroosa Valley, he returned to Adelaide, known as the most boring city, which, as the capital of South Australia, could travel in 20 minutes, indeed suffocating....

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