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Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo, Bradleys Head Rd, Mosman NSW 2088, Australia

Introduction of Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo (Taronga Zoo, also translated as Taronga Zoo, Taronga Zoo) is located in the capital of New South Wales Sydney, on the small hills near the sea on the north bank of Sydney Port (Sydney Harbour), opposite the Opera House (Sydney Opera House).

Taronga Zoo can be said to be the best zoo in australia and even the world. The zoo, built near the sea in the famous rich area of Mosman, is a perfect place to enjoy the scenery of Sydney port. The best place in the park is the giraffe park, where Sydney opera house and the harbour bridge (Sydney Harbour Bridge) can be taken into account.

A variety of representative Australian animals such as koalas, kangaroos, marsupials, platypus, marsupials (Tasmanian demons), and Taronga Zoo breeders, as well as chimpanzees, penguins, otters, rhinos, seals, raccoons, lizard reptiles and other animals can be found here. You can get close contact with the loose kangaroos, but the koalas can only be viewed from a distance. You need to book tickets before 14:30 after entering the park.

Taronga Zoo is located on the hills, high and low ups and downs of the mountain shape, the park has a cable car cable car, visitors can choose to walk or ride the cable car.


How to reach:

  • Ferry: wharf 4(Wharf 4) from the Circular Quay, accessible directly;
  • Bus: Take the Inner West Line, to get off at Wynyard Station station, transfer to No.247 to get off at Zoo Station (Taronga Zoo), and then walk 150 meters.

Opening hours:

  • From May to August :9.30 am -4.30pm a day
  • 9.30 am -5.00pm a day
  • 31 December each year :9.30 am -4.00pm.

Zoo Map:

  • Chinese Version: Please click here to download


  • Admission: Adult :$46, Children :(4-15):$26
  • Book online on the website at a discount
  • For lower prices, please go to the "Hot Offer" below
Australia - New South Wales
Attraction - Zoo
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