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Loc: Australia - Western Australia
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Addr: Shark Bay, Western Australia, Australia
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Introduction of Shark Bay

Located on the northwest coast of Western Australia, Shark Bay is about 830km south of Perth, the capital of Western Australia, and covers an area of about 2.3 million hectares. It is the westernmost point of the entire Australian mainland. Shark Bay is one of two World Heritage sites in Western Australia, a bay with more than 1500 kilometers of coastline with unparalleled beauty and appeal.

Shark Bay is also important for zoology, mainly because animals that inhabit the peninsula and islands stay away from interruptions. 26 species of endangered Australian mammals, 5 species of animals can be found on Bernier and Dorre Island, including brown kangaroo, Shark Bay mouse and mash kangaroo. There are more than 230 species of birds in the Shark Bay area, 35 per cent of which are recorded. It also inhabit a variety of amphibians and reptiles, about 100 species. Many species are on the north or south side of the border. It is also important to some cave animals, such as the Shagang frog. Shark Bay includes three unique stone dragons and 30 lizards. You can find 10 species in Australia. There are 12 species of seaweed in Shark Bay. Seaweed covers more than 4000 square kilometers of the Gulf, and 1030 square kilometers of Wooramel seagrass coast has become the world's largest group of seaweed. Seaweed witnessed the evolution of Shark Bay and change the change of the ocean. Stromatolite is the oldest life form on earth. They are the representative form of 3.5 billion years of life. Hamelin Pool includes the most colorful stromatolite in the world. Shark Bay is famous for its marine animals. There are more than 10000 dugongs, especially many dolphins in Monkeyncia. In addition, loggerhead turtles can be found to the south of Shark Bay. Dirk Hartog Island in western Australia is the main place where loggerhead turtles live.

Shark Bay has a variety of terrain and biological habitats, from rugged seaside cliffs to quiet lagoon, and beaches piled up with sand and shells. The narrow waters of the bay maintain a variety of ecosystems, including dazzling corals and rich aquatic organisms, such as turtles, whales, dolphins, dugongs, sea snakes and sharks, as well as fish, shrimp, scallops and crabs for sale. Shark Bay also has the breathtaking Hamalin pool stacking rocks, which are the oldest and greatest living fossils in the world. The secret of its origin has attracted scientists from all over the world, just as zoologists have discovered living fossils.

The town of Denham on the Peron Peninsula is Shark Bay's main town and tourist distribution.

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According to the latest news from Australia, the famous Scottish photographer Simon Butterworth aerial photographed Australia Shark Bay (Shark Bay) blue salt field, the scene is fantastic like oil painting strokes, very spectacular. It is reported that Simon Butterworth named this blue wilderness, a......
"the ancient Shark Bay (Shark Bay) is a witness to the evolution of the planet, where the stunning Hammarin pool laminate is known as the oldest and greatest living fossil in the world. Stromatolith, the oldest form of life on Earth, was formed about 3.5 billion years ago and has attracted scientist......

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