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Eyre Peninsula

Eyre Peninsula, Cummins SA 5631, Australia

Introduction of Eyre Peninsula

Eyre Peninsula is located in southern South Australia, west of Adelaide (Adeliade), west of Adelaide, west of Gaulle range (Gawler Ranges), west of Great Australian Bay (Great Australian Bight), east of (Spencer Gulf), Peninsula of Spencer Bay. The north bottom is 400km wide, the north and south is 320km long, the area is about 170000 square kilometers, is Australia's third largest peninsula.

The coast of Eyre Peninsula is broken, forming many islands. As early as the early 19th century, the coastline of the peninsula had been recorded by explorers. Between 1839 and 1841, British explorer Edward El (Edward John Eyre) discovered one end of the peninsula and named it after him. It was not until explorer John Duck (John Charles Darke) discovered the entire peninsula that he began to build ports and cities here. Eyre Peninsula has four main towns, the southern port of Lincoln, north of (Port Lincoln), the north-east of Waiala (Whyalla), the port of (Port Augusta), northeast of Ogosta, and the northwest of Seduna, (Ceduna).

Eyre Peninsula has a blue coastline, clear water and charming beaches and harbours. What is more striking, however, is the interior of Eyre Peninsula, which hides a pristine world, pure and sparsely populated, with a long coastline that has undergone thousands of years of vicissitudes. Southern Ocean waters are arguably home to the best and most famous seafood in the world, producing 60% of all Australian seafood. With endless seas, lovely marine animals, rich hydrophilic activities and top-notch seafood, you will fall in love with every second in Eyre Peninsula.

Considerations for Inland Adventures: make sure you have a first aid kit before exploring the wild; most inland areas do not have a mobile phone signal and can consider buying satellite phones or carrying a car-borne radio communication in case of an emergency; If you plan to travel inland, it is best to form a group of two or more people, not to go too far. Make a list of your destinations and timetables for friends and family, with plenty of water, food and gasoline. Avoid long-distance driving at night, Australian kangaroos, emus and other animals that do not have good driving experience and attention and are likely to hurt them at night. At the same time to bring harm to the vehicle and themselves; Australia's hinterland is dangerous, and finding an experienced tour guide is a good choice.

Australia - South Australia
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