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Puffing Billy Railway

1 Old Monbulk Rd, Belgrave VIC 3160, Australia

Introduction of Puffing Billy Railway

Puffing Billy Railway, one of the best steam train remaining, is one of the most fascinating tourism projects Melbourne the state capital.

One of the narrow-rail lines government built in the early 1990s to develop remote areas, Puffing Billy Railway became one of the best-preserved steam train lines in the world thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteers. Sitting on train windowsill with many children, hanging their feet out of the car, passing through the wooden trestle tens of meters high, shuttling through the picturesque Dandong Ranges, an hour's drive to Jade Lake (Emerald Lake), where you can walk around the hiking trails or enjoy an outdoor barbecue and feed a red-waisted parrot.

The original steam train railway was one of the four low-cost narrow rail lines built in Victoria early in the last century to develop remote areas, and now the section from Belgrave to Lakeside is the only remaining 29 km long ,76.2 cm wide narrow rail. The railway operated between Upper Ferntree Gully and Gembrook from 1900 to 1953, when the collapse blocked the track and the trunk line was closed due to continuous operation losses.

The public's strong interest in the trunk lines and friendly small train has allowed the Puffing Billy Protection to emerge, with close contact with the Commission, participation in overall railway management and further voluntary support, which ensures that train can operate economic and affordable. At train, rail tracks, stations and shops, most of the workers seen are conservation volunteers, and the railway runs daily except for Christmas with the hard work of more than 600 volunteer workers.

Puffing Billy Railway is the last experimental narrow-rail railway built at the turn of the 20th century. Easy access by Melbourne public transport. All major day tours are available for travel.

Puffing Billy Railway

Puffing Billy Railway map

Puffing Billy Railway strategy

  • Specific address :1 Old Monbulk Road,Belgrave VIC 3160,Australia, about 48 kilometers from Melbourne urban area;
  • Opening hours :9:00-17:00(7 days a week, Christmas is closed), due to different seasons, the train schedule will be updated frequently, each trip train departure time needs to be checked on the official website;
  • The round-trip ticket from Belgrave to Lakeside Station (Lakeside) is generally recommended, as the full round-trip from Lafayette to Jane Brook (Gembrook) takes 5 hours, which is a little too long for ordinary visitors.

Mode of transport:

  • Recommended Self-driving
  • train : take the Belgrave Line train from downtown Melbourne to get off at the terminal and walk along the sign for 5 minutes to find the Puffing Billy Railway platform easily

Ride strategy:

  • The number and duration of trains per day varies from 10:30 train ,11:10,12:30 and 14:30 per day, and from Belgrave during holidays train; Click here for the timetable.
  • The general tourist will get off and stay at the lakeside station (Lakeside) for a period of time and return from here, the return train is usually 12:30,14:25,15:40,16:30 departure;
  • The end train this class was Jane Brook (Gembrook), which was usually the only one to go to Jane Brook in the day;
  • If you catch the fire ban, the steam train will be replaced by diesel locomotive, and the departure time will be changed, please pay attention to the previous day on the official website;
  • For the sake of waiting in line for tickets and taking up the right place (especially a group of people going together), it is recommended that you arrive half an hour earlier than the departure time on weekdays and 45 minutes earlier on weekends or holidays;
  • Best position is to train the right side of the rear of the car, in the turn can take the entire car, in about 5 minutes driving, will pass more than 10 meters high wooden trestle turn, very beautiful and exciting.

Site description:

  • shortly after train leaves the train station, passengers will see the most famous landmark of the puffin billy railway line: the iconic mumbuk creek trestle (Monbulk Creek trestle bridge), please be sure to prepare your camera, capture unforgettable scenes and share it with friends on social app and Weibo! There are also many stations along the way for passengers to get off and visit. We recommend a round trip to the following stations:
  • Amoryde Town Station (Emerald Town Station); o
  • Lakeside Station (Lakeside Station), located in Amored Lake Park (Emerald Lake Park); o
  • janebrook station (Gem brook Station).

Min Zhi Xi Station (Menzies Creek Station): It takes only 30 minutes to get out of Lafayette. If you choose a round trip, we recommend that you do not get off at Minzhixi Station because you may have to wait a long time to take the next train back to Minzhixi Station. Instead, we recommend you go to Emoryde Town or Lakeside Station;

The Amoryde Town Station (Emerald Town Station): This is the highest station in Shanghai on the entire railway line. It takes 50 minutes to take train from Villaref. The station is the only well-preserved original building on the entire railway line. There are many shops, cafes and bakeries in Emery Town. There is also a playground for the whole family in the park near the station.

Hubin Station (Lakeside Station): Hubin Station is located in Amored Lake Park. Traveling from Villaref to Lakeside Station, which takes about 60 minutes one way, is the best choice for families and couples who wish to choose a round trip. We suggest you set aside at least 3 hours of round-trip time to this station, depending on the schedule. There are many activities for you to participate in during your stay at Emored Lake Park, including the paddleboat and wading pool available for lease (summer months only), the Amored Lake Park Café and teahouse, barbecue facilities, model railroads and scenic trails. There are many picnic areas with canopy in the park. You can call our Customer Service Centre 3 9757 Reservation for 0700. Please visit for details of rental fee au.

Janebrook Station (Gembrook Station): It takes about 2 hours for one-way trip and about 5 hours for round trip to Janebrook Station from Lafayette. At least one bus in the daily timetable goes to Janebrook station. We recommend that you choose a round trip, if you take a child, you may want to go to the lakeside station. en route to jane brook, you will pass through the historic trestle, through the leit (Wright) forest, to see rolling mountains and open lush farmland. Janebrook is a lovely country town with antique cafes on both sides of the main street and a playground in the picnic area behind the station. Near the community center in the north of town, there is also a great children's adventure amusement park and many picnic facilities (please ask the reservation staff at Janebrook station for town maps).


  • A wide selection of fast food, sweets, drinks, ice cream and Puffenberg tourist souvenirs is available in the dining rooms at the Stations of Lafayette, Minzhixi, Lakeside and Janebrook.


  • Wheelchair access toilets and baby towel changing rooms are available at Lafayette, Lakeside and Jane Brook stations.


  • Round trip from Belgrave to Emerald (or Lakeside):$61 for adults ;$31.5 for children (4-16 years, free under 4 years);$122 for families (2 big 4 small)
  • Round trip from Belgrave to Gembrook: A $78.5 for adults; A $39.5 for children (4-16 years old, free under 4 years old); A $157 for family package (up to big 4 small)
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