Royal National Park

Name: Royal National Park

Loc: Australia - New South Wales - Sydney
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Addr: Royal National Park NSW 2233, Australia
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Introduction of Royal National Park

Royal National Park is located on the southern outskirts of Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, about 35 kilometers from downtown Sydney. It covers an area of 150.91 square kilometers and covers a large area. There are even several small towns (settlements) in the park.

Royal National Park is about 10 minutes' drive from (Sutherland), an important town in the south of Sydney. It is a famous historical park in Sydney. Founded in 1879, it is called 'Nasho' or 'The Royal' by locals. It is the third oldest national park in the world and was listed as Australia's national heritage in 2006.

Royal National Park, formerly known as (National Park), was officially renamed Royal National Park. in 1955. during her visit to Australia in 1954, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom visited here by train. In December 2006, the whole Royal National Park was added to the Australian National Historical Heritage list.

Royal National Park has a unique relic landscape, a wide variety of plants, birds and animals, rainforests, beaches and so on, ideal for hiking, cycling, surfing, picnics or whale watching.

Royal National Park has three residential settlements in Bondina (Bundeena), Maynbar (Maianbar) and Audley (Audley), all of which can be reached by well-planned road; Bendina and Maynbar face Harkin Port (Port Hacking), and can also take a ferry from the opposite Cronara (Cronulla).

Bean curd (Wedding Cake Rock), near Bondina, and Figure 8 Pool, located in the southernmost part of the park, are Royal National Park's most well-known attractions, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year. In addition, Royal National Park is also considered to be one of the most beautiful self-driving routes in Australia, the starting point of the blue ocean road (Grand Pacific Drive), self-driving travelers from here, sometimes climb the mountains and cross the sea, accompanied by the azure sea, finally reached the southern bay of the Shaorhavin Cape (Shoalhaven Heads).

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Royal National Park Attraction

Wattamolla Beach
Figure 8 Pool
Wedding Cake Rock
Werrong Beach
Winifred Falls

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From: 257.0 AUD
Distance: 50 m
Sydney Executive Garden Apartment
From: 295.0 AUD
Distance: 4 km
Sutherland Motel
From: 135.0 AUD
Distance: 4.3 km
Metro Hotel Miranda
From: 165.0 to 250.0 AUD
Distance: 6.3 km
Abcot Inn
From: 125.0 to 220.0 AUD
Distance: 6.6 km
Caringbah Hotel
From: 130.5 AUD
Distance: 7.1 km
Cronulla Motor Inn
From: 173.0 AUD
Distance: 8.9 km
Guesthouse 83
From: 80.0 AUD
Distance: 9 km

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