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Lake Gairdner National Park

Lake Gairdner National Park, Gairdner SA 5710, Australia

Introduction of Lake Gairdner National Park

The Lake Gairdner National Park is located in central (Eyre Peninsula), west of Adelaide, South Australia, about 560km from Adelaide and 250km from (Port Augusta), the port of Augusta.

Gaulle range (Gawler Ranges) 's spectacular wilderness landscape, with an unspoiled magnificent landscape. The huge volcanic mounds show vivid colors, in strong contrast to the pure white of many salt lakes in the region, the most famous of which is Lake Gaeldner.

Lake Galdner is Australia's "skyline," a beautiful salt lake surrounded by rolling hills, often dried up by the sun all year round, and the whole lake evaporates and condenses into pure white crystals. Leave a pure white world. Here the white can not see the edge, before the eyes are the sky blue and the lake surface of the two purest colors, blue and white, as if in the fairy tale world. When the lake is full, the lake becomes a natural mirror, clear and beautiful.

After driving for hours in the wilderness without a cell phone signal, turning the corner to see this pure white moment, the mood is only touched is indescribable. Walking to the center of the lake, any action set down is a man-in-one photography blockbuster. As the sun rises, salt melts along with the temperature, and people slowly reveal reflections on the lake, making the picture more beautiful. The surface of the salt lake is very calm, no jade waves, like crystal clear ice lake. They are quiet, light, like losing weight, and they have to be pitied. Just like life, this is a pure white.

Such a rare beauty of the world naturally attracted a lot of celebrities, international film star Takeshi has shot advertising here, Taiwan star Yang Youning also shot the cover of the magazine. Lake Gaeldner is regarded as a sacred lake by the local aborigines, and it will cost a lot of money to clean up the environment while the magazine is working with Yang Youning to make the cover blockbuster. To compromise with modern civilization, the native tribes had to make their own balance and choice to protect the sanctity of the sanctuary.

Tip: in the 200-plus km journey from the port of Augusta to Lake Gaeldner, there is no mobile phone information for a long time, and it is difficult to find food supplies, which can be said to be far from modern society. Please check the condition of the vehicle in advance before departure, fill up with oil and be fully prepared for food, water and other necessary materials.


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Australia - South Australia
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