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Fraser Island

Fraser Island QLD 4581, Australia

Introduction of Fraser Island

Located on Australia's east coast north of Brisbane, Queensland's capital, Fraser Island is about 400km from Brisbane and covers an area of 1620 square kilometers. It is the largest sand island in the world. It was inscribed on the World Natural Heritage list in 1992 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Fraser Island, covering an area of 1620 square kilometers, is the largest sand island in the world. The majestic remnant of the great tropical rain forest stands on the sandy soil, and all the vegetation on the island grows on the sand, which is of great ecological value. Extending from the beach to the island, half the world's freshwater dune lakes are visible. The moveable dunes, clear bays and white beaches make up the island's unique landscape, coupled with colored gravel cliffs, rain forest plants growing on sandy land, clear bays and long white beaches. This is absolutely a beautiful heaven.

Although Fraser Island is a small island in the saltwater of the sea, it is strange that there are more than 100 fresh water lakes on the island, some of which are also praised as "the cleanest lake in the world", such as the famous McKinsey Lake (Lake Mckenzie),. It is a small lake with an area of only 1.5 square kilometers and a depth of only 5 meters, with a sand dune at the bottom and a white beach with a purity of 95% silica, so some people call it "White Sand Lake". When the water flowed into Lake McKinsey, sand was passing all the way, and the natural filtration of the sand made the water clear.

Fraser Island has unusual natural research value. Fraser Island is an ongoing example of ecology and biology and contains the highest level of natural phenomena. For thousands of years, sand and stone deposits caused by sea-level changes have created Fraser Island, and continued to shape the island. The sandstones on the island provide a good record of the ageing process of sand dunes and are a good example of the interaction of geology and biology in the capital.

The Kingfisher Bay resort (Kingfisher Bay Resort), located on the west coast of Fraser Island, is the best known hotel in Fraser Island, with 152 rooms and 109 jungle villas.

How to:

  • The self-driving: Hervey Bay is the nearest city to Fraser Island and can be found in the estuary of Hervey Bay, wharf (Google search: Fraser Island Barges Ticket Office); if you want to drive to the island, you need to buy a license in advance, and only a four-drive can go to the island;
  • There is no airport on: Fraser Island, direct domestic flights from Sydney and Brisbane to Hervey Bay;
  • Long distance bus:
  • Take the Tory's shuttle bus from Brisbane to Hervey Bay, to and from US $185 per person;
  • From Sunshine Coast (Sunshine Coast) can reach Bay2Dore shuttle bus to Hervey Bay, to and from 15-US Dollar / person.


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