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The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles, Nambung WA 6521, Australia

Introduction of The Pinnacles

Located in the South State National Park (Nambung National Park) on the Southwest Coast of Western Australia, The Pinnacles is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in South Australia and the whole of Western Australia.

The strangely shaped pillars of the National Park in Nantang form a unique landscape in the desert, with limestone stalagmites standing in flat dunes, the tallest of which is 1.5 feet tall and the small one as big as a finger. It looks like an ancient battlefield arrangement, so it's called "The Pinnacles." Many of Australia's geological wonders are legendary (such as the Big Red Stone Uluru), The Pinnacles). In a long geological age, a pristine forest sank into the sea and was buried by sand and stone. Stump and roots gradually mineralize into stones under specific conditions. After another round of vicissitudes, the site of the pristine forest surfaced and re-formed the land (now the site of the National Park of Nantang). After years of erosion by Rain Water, wind and sunshine, sand and stone are gradually peeled off, and the mineralized stump stands in this yellow desert, forming the geological wonders of "The Pinnacles".


  • Follow the tour group or self-drive, recommend self-driving, the car can follow the scenic areas of the road driving around. You can also park your car in the park parking lot and walk around the road without driving.


  • South state national park ticket: 12 Australian dollars / ca

Open time:

  • 景点一直开放,但售票服务下午4点就没人了,可以自助购票进入
Australia - Western Australia
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