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Paradise Country

Paradise Country, Entertainment Dr, Oxenford QLD 4210, Australia

Introduction of Paradise Country

Paradise Country (Farm) is located in Oxonford (Oxenford), northwest of Queensland's second largest city Gold Coast about 20 kilometers from downtown Gold Coast.

Located on a vast hill covering about 12 hectares, Paradise Country is a Gold Coast traditional Australian rural culture and a great place for families to travel and experience authentic Australian farms.

Paradise Country offers a variety of experience activities: feeding friendly kangaroos, visiting the village of koalas (Koala Village) and taking photos with the beloved koalas, visiting the wool shearing show (Sheep Shearing Show) and groaning about the skills of the wool shearing master, or watching the ram parade show. A brand-new "country paradise treasure hunt (Paradise Country Gold Fossicking)" is being launched to create an authentic experience of looking for gold and silver jewelry, making visitors feel excited throbbing. Have you ever wondered how it feels to be working in a real Aobo mine? At this point, you will be able to experience the taste of the new "Cranxi Obo Mine (Clancy's Opal Mine)" and the throbbing of the discovery of Obo in a dirty pit. Children will fall in love with the animal nursery (Animal Nursery) because it has super cute lambs, piglets and calves. You can watch sheep herding shows, watch shepherds and sheepdogs surround the sheep, and the shepherds whip the sheep to enjoy the experience of being on a farm in Australia. You can also go to the farm restaurant for a country meal. Enjoy a delicious self-service barbecue at noon, accompanied by beautiful Australian songs.

Recommended items:

  • Horseback riding, sheepdog performance: here you experience real Australian farm life, especially how farmers and sheepdogs drive and control sheep. At the same time, they can also watch the performance of throwing back markers and whip, and so on.
  • Milk milking: The freshest milk for cows. It's a regular daily job on Australian farms. It's also interesting to visitors to squeeze their own milk. But these are general projects.
  • Wool shearing: one of the Paradise Country's signature shows is watching the most experienced ranchers perform the Wool Reduction and Sheep Show. In the process of wool shearing, shearers will also invite visitors to the scene to experience the fun of wool shearing.
  • kangaroos and koalas: kangaroos and koalas can also be seen here. These two animals can be described as Australia's "national treasure ". Visitors can personally feed kangaroos near the bushes where kangaroos live, and in the village of koalas, can also embrace Australia'salas, Australia's cutest animal.
  • Visit the Australian House: There are also traditional Australian homes and souvenir shops for shopping with inexpensive features.

Mode of transport:

  • Roundtrip Paradise Country fare for Gold Coast tourist bus is 21 Australian dollars for adults and 11 Australian dollars for 4-13 years;
  • Take the bus is more cumbersome, in the Pacific Shopping Center (Broad Beach area) station take bus 709 to Griffin University (Griffith University), transfer to No.3 bus to arrive California Drive, get off and walk about 20 minutes to arrive;
  • Three or more people take a taxi is more cost-effective (about 20 minutes, the price of about 40 Australian dollars, more than 4 people charge 50%), do not recommend buses;


  • Ticket Gold Rush Experience: Adult :$27, Children (3-13):$17
  • Tickets Lunch: Adult :$39, Children (3-13):$29
  • Ticket Lunch Gold Rush Experience: Adult :$45, Children (3-13):$35

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Australia - Queensland
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