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Loc: Australia - Northern Territory
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Addr: Uluru, Petermann NT 0872, Australia
Tel: (08) 8956 1128

Introduction of Uluru

Uluru Giant Rock (Uluru,) Ayers Rock) is located in Uluru- Catachuta National Park in the southern interior of the Northern Territory (the nearest big city in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park), is about 460km drive from (Alice Springs), the Northern Territory capital, about 1960 kilometers from Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory.

Uluru- Catachuta National Park has a special airport: Ayers Rock Airport (Ayers Rock Airport, Airport code: AYQ), from Melbourne,Sydney, Alice Springs, Cairns has a direct flight, due to monopoly and remoteness, tickets to Elesyan Airport are very expensive, the airport has Herz,AVIS and other car rental companies to provide car rental.

Uluru is a huge reddish-brown rock with a circumference of about 9.4 kilometers and an elevation of 863 meters above sea level. It is the largest single rock in the world. It is called the Red Heart of Australia because it is located in the central position of the entire Australian mainland. Uluru miraculously protrudes in the desolate expanse of the flat desert, like a desolate praise, beyond time and space of the natural monument. Scientists are still unable to crack the source of the world's unique huge rock. Some say meteor stones that fell from space hundreds of millions of years ago, 2/3 of which sank to the ground and 1/3 floated to the ground, while others said deep-sea sediments surfaced with mainland, Australia, 120 million years ago, a problem that may have become an ancient mystery. Therefore, the whole Uluru- Catachuta National Park was selected by UNESCO as the World Natural and Cultural Heritage site (1987). It is one of the two world natural and cultural heritage sites in the Northern Territory (the other is the Kakadu National Park).

Uluru is the name of the big stone by the local aborigines. In the local aboriginal language, it means to meet rally, and (Ayers Rock) is the official scientific name given to the big stone by Westerners. But by 1873, a European geological surveyor named Christie Gauss unexpectedly discovered the world miracle because he was from South Australia. So the stone mountain was named after Henry Ayers, then prime minister of South Australia.

There is no place in Australia as easy to recognize as Uluru. No matter how many times you have seen it on a postcard, you can't help but marvel at the magnificent scenery on the horizon in front of you. Its lonely and great figure makes it hard for everyone who sees it with your own eyes to forget it. What is more fascinating is that Uluru seems to be a beautiful model in nature, "changing into new clothes of all colors" with the change of the morning and the weather: when the sun rises from the edge of the desert, the boulder "wears a light red dress", bright and magnificent, and by noon, "wear an orange coat"; When the sun sets, the boulders are colorful, burning like a blazing flame under the blue sky; when night falls, it hurriedly changes into a yellowish-brown evening dress and returns to the arms of Mother Earth in a graceful manner.

All Uluru- Catachuta National Park tourists and staff (including airports, resorts, national parks, tour guides, etc.) all live in Yulala (Yulara), a resort village north of Uluru, which is out of nowhere for hundreds of kilometers, as if it were a paradise.

There are five hotels in the resort, namely:

  • Inland Pioneer Hotel (Outback Pioneer Hotel)
  • Inland Sieng Phong Guest House (Outback Pioneer Lodge Youth Brigade)
  • Western ostrich hotel (Emu Walk Apartments apartment hotel)
  • Desert Park Hotel (Desert Gardens Hotel)
  • Desert sail hotel (Sails in the Desert hotel)
  • In addition to the hotel, there are camping and RV areas, which can meet the needs of all kinds of guests.

Opening hours:

  • 12, January, February: 5am-9pm
  • March: 5.30am-8.30pm
  • April:5.30am8pm
  • May: 6am-7.30pm
  • June, July:6.30m7.30pm
  • August: 6am-7.30pm
  • September: 5.30am-7.30pm
  • October: 5am-8pm
  • November: 5am-8.30pm


  • Tickets to Uluru- Catachuta National Park: $25 for adults, A $12.50 for children (5: 15) and A $65 for families (2 big and 2 small), accessible repeatedly in and out of the country within three days.



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Uluru Travel tips

In Australia, in addition to the bright sun and good beaches, there is a world-famous quiet place, Urumu boulder. This strange name, which sounds a little strange, represents the charming other side of Australia-distant, mysterious indigenous culture and rugged, wild primitive beauty. The quiet star......
In Uru-Catachuta National Park (Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park), tourism activities are rich and colorful-unexpected, there is no time to play-so please arrange plenty of time, please play as much as you can imagine, to enjoy everything here....
In addition to the game, it must be another big idea for many dads to have a drink.In the Northern Territory, there are many good places to drink in all regions, forming the world`s longest bar-themed travel route, extending all the way from Darwin, the capital, to Urumu....

Hotels near Uluru

Emu Walk Apartments
From: 450.0 to 9999.0 AUD
Distance: 12.4 km
Outback Pioneer Hotel
From: 330.0 to 9999.0 AUD
Distance: 12.4 km
Outback Pioneer Lodge
From: 46.0 to 99.0 AUD
Distance: 12.7 km
Desert Gardens Hotel
From: 390.0 to 9999.0 AUD
Distance: 12.9 km
Sails in the Desert
From: 505.0 to 9999.0 AUD
Distance: 12.9 km

Reviews of Uluru

几年前去过,还是很震撼的。可以租车自驾,我们住在Desert Gardens Hotel,早上晚上的去艾尔斯岩还有卡塔丘塔公园闲逛,一路上空荡荡的,游客并不多。夏天中午很热,可以在酒店休息。苍蝇特别特别多,戴防蝇网的人比比皆是,哈哈。如果不自驾,记得也有很多当地的旅行团可以参加。 艾尔斯岩承载着土著人的信仰,说是不推荐攀爬。实际上呢目前还是允许的,不过天太热不行,下雨不行,风大不行。我们呆那几天,好像只有一天早上开放了,也算是幸运了,当时还惊奇的在滚烫岩石顶上的一汪浅水中看到了远古时代就有的生物----鲎虫。2019年起听说真是禁止攀爬了,要去的赶紧吧,当然不爬上去,静静欣赏日出日落时分大石头的颜色变化也蛮有味道的。

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