Name: Barossa Valley

Loc: Australia - South Australia - Adelaide
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Addr: Barossa Valley, Tanunda SA 5352, Australia

Introduction of Barossa Valley

About 75 kilometers from downtown Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, Barossa Valley, is the leading wine producing area in South Australia, producing about 1/4 of Australia's wines. Along with (Hunter Valley), Hunter Valley, New South Wales, and (Yarra Valley), Victoria, it is known as Australia's three major wine valleys.

Barossa Valley is large and scenic, scattered with more than 80 wineries, large and small, where visitors can taste wine and listen to historical wine legends. This is a rich and dynamic area of architecture, art, wine, food and music. Today, walking through Barosa, touching the eyes is made up of continuous grape vines composed of green waves, the air brimming with Qin grapes and flowers and plants fragrance, let people intoxicated.

Barossa Valley in summer is like a lush ink painting, and in late autumn it becomes a golden-red painting. January and February of each year is a local festival in the Barosha Valley. If tourists are lucky enough to visit at this time, they can take part in many local entertainment activities. October is the Balosa Valley music festival, everyone can hold a glass of red wine, listen to wonderful music, enjoy the scenery like oil painting, relaxed, happy.

Barosha Benfu (Penfolds), Barosa Manor (Barossa Chateau), Jacob's Creek), Barosa Sharp Winery (Seppeltsfield) and others are Barossa Valley's most famous and most visited wineries. Program, a well-known variety art in China, was photographed in Barosha in the third season.

Gowler (Gawler) is the largest town in the Barrosa Valley and the gateway from Adelaide to the Barrosa Valley. Nureutepa (Nuriootpa), Tanuda (Tanunda) and Lindo (Lyndoch) are the main towns in the Barrosa Valley, and the Barrosa Valley Visitor Center is located in the small town of Tanuda.

There is a train (GAWC) connection between Gowler and Adelaide, while other towns and Adelaide have no bus routes and can only travel by self-driving or by group.


  • You can drive yourself, or you can sign up for a one-day tour in downtown Adelaide.

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Barosha riding experienceToday, take you to Barossa Valley (Barossa Valley), in search of South Australia's most beautiful ride-riding route. In the distance, together back to the era of horse horizon....
The three major wine regions in South Australia are Baroosa in the north of Adelaide, Garley Valley and the McNaren Valley in the south. And Baroza is the most famous of these three major production areas, today we will drive Baroza, start the journey of fine wine. Drive north from downtown Adelaide......
美酒美景美食,详游阿德莱德芭萝莎谷(Barossa Valley)
Barosha (Barossa) is South Australia's most prestigious wine town, 100km north of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, about an hour's drive. Green hills in the vineyard purple and green, elegant and chic town and village decoration, infinite scenery. There are 150 vineyards and over 70 wine ce......

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