Melbourne's "new golden mountains" fantasy acoustic show AURA to lead visitors to experience Australian history.
(Zhang Guangwen / interview) the new Melbourne "New golden mountains" fantasy sound and light show AURA, has been officially launched at the Outdoor M...
Melbourne is also in the street rape case, the woman walking her dog by sexual invasion
The woman was homeless in Mayer Park, sexual invasion.. (time pictures)
Power outage every day? People in Western Australia struggle with food, clothing and electricity charges
More than 60 households and businesses in Western Australia are cut off every day because they fail to pay electricity, according to the Australian Br...
Melbourne store was robbed for the third time of the year! The shopkeeper rose up to resist, and the scene was thrilling
On Friday, a small liquor supermarket in southeast Melbourne was robbed and fierce fighting between shop assistants and robbers was filmed.
A woman was killed by sexual invasion in Melbourne Park! The residents were frightened
Last night, a woman was subjected to sexual invasion in a park north of Melbourne.
Australian fresh species, Tasmanian "handfish."
Red hand fish (Australian news agency photo)There is a special group of marine organisms, hand fish, living in the waters near Tasmania Habat. It is o...
There is little hope of cutting interest rates next month, and Australian stocks continue to fall and the Australian dollar will rise again.
Australian stocks fell for the second day in a row, and the market fell across the board as hopes of cutting interest rates for the fourth time this y...
Hot talk! Taiwan woman "one line" Bikini case reversed! Boyfriend 1799 words restore the truth: she broke down
A 20-year-old woman in TW and her boyfriend went on holiday to long Beach Island in the Philippines a few days ago, but were fined 2500 pesos (NT $147...
Do you want to be red or not? The woman climbed outside the railing and took a selfie. She was driven off the ship by the cruise company and banned for life.
Social media, so that many young men and women in order to "focus", often for a photo, the film risked to shoot, in order to attract more netizens' at...
There was a tragic car accident on the Gold Coast! 78-year-old driver was killed!
A man in his 70s on the Gold Coast hit a roadside flower bed. Unfortunately, death!