Grampians National Park

Name: Grampians National Park

Loc: Australia - Victoria - Halls Gap
Rating: 9.0 / 10
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Addr: Grampians National Park, Glenisla VIC 3314, Australia
Tel: (03) 5361 4000
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Fee: Free

Introduction of Grampians National Park

Grampians National Park is located in the interior of central Victoria, about 250km east from Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, and 470km northwest from Adelaide, the capital of South Australia.

The area of Grampians National Park is very large, covering an area of about 1672 square kilometers. Natural waterfalls, rolling mountains, a variety of wild animals, attracted countless people to go. The town of Halls Gap, located at the eastern foot of Grampians National Park, is the main tourist distribution center in the national park. Many tourists choose to live here. Every evening, there will be many small animals, kangaroo, koala, kangaroo, wild deer and so on, which are not afraid of people, and are also a scenic line of Grampians National Park. At the same time, there are many fully equipped camping sites in the national park. If you need to camp in it, please go to the official website to book in advance.

Grampians National Park is famous for its magnificent natural landscape, and there are all kinds of cliffs and wonders in the park, the most famous of which should be Yangtai Rock (The Balconies), a rock like a wild animal with a big mouth. It used to be able to enter the mouth, but now it is impossible to enter for the safety of tourists, but even so, the view of the cliff is still worth seeing.

At the same time, Grampians National Park also has a large number of indigenous Australian relics, is a good place to understand indigenous culture. Most indigenous sites in Victoria are located in this land, and indigenous tribes have been associated with them for more than 22000 years. The evidence of their life here is scattered all over the place, and taking some time to find it will certainly make you a lot of money. The most famous Bunjil's Shelter), is a rock painting by Bangil, the traditional creator of the land, and two Australian wild dogs. Then stroll around the Gaga Majidi shelter to see the frescoes where the Nagamagidi gods danced with white characters.

There are many camping spots with latrines, wild tables and fire spots in Grampians National Park. Drinking water is not provided. Please click on the park's official website for specific locations. Please book in advance during peak hours at


  • There are train / coach buses from Melbourne to Halls Gap (4 hours a day) and need to change trains at Barareth (Ballarat) or Stavi (Stawell).

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Grampians National Park Attraction

Boroka Lookout
The Balconies
Bunjil's Shelter
MacKenzie Falls
Reeds Lookout

Grampians National Park Travel tips

一篇指南带你玩遍维州格兰坪国家公园(Grampians National Park)
How to get there: 3 hours by car / bus from Melbourne: 2 hours and 25 minutes by train from Melbourne to (Ararat)., AllaraThe Grampians National Park's natural waterfalls, rolling mountains and wild animals attract countless people to visit....

Hotels near Grampians National Park

Blue Ridge Retreat
From: 270.0 AUD
Distance: 12.8 km
Lakuna Retreat
From: 295.0 AUD
Distance: 12.8 km
Country Lane Cottage
From: 230.0 AUD
Distance: 12.8 km
A Heavenly Escape
From: 240.0 AUD
Distance: 12.8 km
Halls Gap Valley Lodges
From: 225.0 to 199.0 AUD
Distance: 12.9 km
Kookaburra Cottage
From: 100.0 AUD
Distance: 12.9 km
Mountain Hideaway
From: 140.0 AUD
Distance: 12.9 km
The Grampians Motel and The Views Bar & Restaurant
From: 110.0 to 150.0 AUD
Distance: 12.9 km

Reviews of Grampians National Park

Grampians NP很大,一般都是从Halls Gap进入的,路上有明显的路标,一路上都是景,建议花上2天或更多
名气挺大的,Halls Gap一到节假日旅馆就爆满,我等懒人也就开着车走马观花,看到哪里有景点就下来看下,就这样也大半天去掉了,因为太大,从一个景点到另一个开车就老半天,下来走路又得半天,有些走路距离远的我们就直接放弃了,不过感觉景色并不算很惊艳,跟我中华大好河山来,还是差的不少

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