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Yorke Peninsula

Yorke Peninsula, SA, Australia

Introduction of Yorke Peninsula

Yorke Peninsula is located in southern South Australia, west of South Australia's capital Adelaide, west of Spencer Bay (Spencey Gulf), to the east of St. Vincent Bay (St. Vincent Gulf), south of (St. Vincent Gulf), across the Strait of investigators (Investigator Strait) and the kangaroo island of (Kangaroo Island).

Yorke Peninsula covers an area of 5834 square kilometers, but the resident population is only about 25,000 people, the real land is sparse. The peninsula is a narrow, 260-kilometer (260-kilometer)-long, 32-kilometer-56-kilometer (32-kilometer)-wide, flat, boot-shaped, somewhat similar to that of Italian territory.

In recent years, Yorke Peninsula has grown into a tourist resort, the back garden of Adelaide, and the preferred holiday for South Australians. Every October, a national surfing competition is held on the coastline of the famous (Innes National Park) National Park. At the same time, Yorke Peninsula is ecologically well protected, with wild emus, kangaroos, fish eagles and sea eagles in herds, while southern right whales and dolphins pass through the peninsula's coastline every year. Yorke Peninsula is also a paradise for photographers. Every seaside town has a long, distant sea-level trestle, flat beaches all over the coastline, four lighthouses distributed throughout the peninsula, rich agricultural landscape, Every day is a large film of sunrise and sunset scenes, so that the tourists who love photography can not stop.

Yorke Peninsula's east coast is littered with shoals, sand is not good for swimming, but it is a great place to fish and catch crabs, especially the latter. Here is rich in blue crab, a large meat fresh, steamed very well. Because it is located in the shoal, it is very simple to catch crabs here. When the tide is low, the mud on the shoals is full of crabs. As long as you buy a rake from the local fishing gear store, you can join the capture game.

Yorke Peninsula's self-driving trip from Adelaide suggests travel for at least three days, with roads all over the peninsula. As long as you don't drive off the beach, the average 2-drive is unhindered.

Australia - South Australia
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