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Addr: Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia
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Introduction of Phillip Island

Phillip Island (Phillip Island, also known as Pumese Island, is located southeast of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, about 140km from Melbourne.

Named after Arthur Philip (Arthur Phillip), the first governor of New South Wales, Phillip Island is shaped like a dolphin, about 26 kilometers long from east to west, about 9 kilometers wide from north to south, and covers an area of about 100 square kilometers. To the south, (Bass Strait), the vast Strait of Bath, looks east of (Mornington Peninsula), the western harbor of the Monington Peninsula. Although Phillip Island is an island, it has a bridge with the small town of San Ramo (San Remo) on (Anderson Peninsula), mainland Anderson Peninsula, Victoria. Cars can drive directly to the island without the need for a boat ferry.

Phillip Island has a permanent population of about 10000, and there are small towns such as Cox (Cowes), Lyle (Rhyll), New haven (Newhaven) on the island.

Phillip Island is a world-famous resort for fairy penguins. (Summerland Beach), on Samuran Beach southwest of the island, is home to many of the world's smallest fairy penguins, about 30 centimeters tall, so locals also call them "Penguin Island." Many people from all over the world come to the viewing platform and observation path of Phillip Island Nature Park to enjoy penguin homing, but in order to protect penguin habitat habits, only 500000 people can come to watch it every year. At the same time, Phillip Island also lives in many other rare wild animals, all kinds of seabirds, sea lions and so on.

In addition to watching penguins go back to their nests on, Phillip Island, they watch milking, shaving wool and shepherd dogs at (Churchill Island Heritage Farm), a koala conservation center (Koala Conservation Centre), to watch Australian wildlife, and to meet seals and sea dogs near the (Nobbies Centre) seaside rocks in the Nobis Center, and to experience the Antarctic tour (Antarctic Journey). In the center.

Phillip Island is also a resort for Melbourne motorcycles, hosting major world events every year, including the (Motorcycle Grand Prix), World Super Motorcycle Championships (World Superbike Championship) and V8 Supercar Series), etc., which are also open to the public when there are no races, and racing enthusiasts have the option of taking a thrilling trip to the driveway in a car driven by a racing driver. Or drive a mini-car on a small simulation track for a few laps.

Phillip Island combines the features of the countryside and the beach, whether to look for Australian-specific wildlife, or to walk through the village, the sun and the beach, and to seek peace and mind for a few days, and visitors can enjoy the experience here.

How to get to:

  • Self-driving: the whole process is about 140 kilometers, it takes about 2 hours;
  • Follow the group: there are many tourism organizations in Melbourne city to organize Phillip Island one-day tour or multi-day tour, if not self-driving recommended to follow the group;
  • Long distance bus:
  • Melbourne South Cross Station (Southern Cross Station) to (Cowes):, Monday to Friday, 4 trains a day, 06 / 35; 11 / 20; 15 / 10; 19 / 00; Saturday and Sunday, 2 / day / day, 08 / 50; 11 / 11; travel about 2.5 hours, with a connecting transfer in the middle;
  • Cos returns to Melbourne South Cross Station: from Monday to Friday, there are 4 trains a day, 06 / 38, 10 / 18, 14 / 18, 18 / 38, Saturday and Sunday, 2 / day, 11 / 34, 17 / 44, about 2.5 hours, with a connecting transfer in the middle.

Ferry: (Stony Point) can take ferry to Cos in Cape Stony on the Monington Peninsula.

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I`m sure my friends who are going to Melbourne have heard of Philip Island. If you have a planned trip to Philip Island, then don`t miss our article below. Here are some items that Philip Island can play in different seasons. I hope I can help you....
Philip Island, Victoria`s favorite resort, is only a one-day drive back and forth in Melbourne. Do you think you can only see penguins?No,No,NoPhilip Island Natural Parks has become the favorite sign-in site for internet celebrities, making it the hottest theme park in the world....
If I ask where to look at penguins, I believe that 90% of people may first think of Antarctica, and the South Pole is not going to be able to go, the climate is cold, the road is far away, and the lack of entanglement will be an obstacle. However, the charismatic penguins are not only found in Antar......

Reviews of Phillip Island

菲利普岛在岛西南面的萨摩兰海滩,栖息着许多世界上最小的神仙小企鹅,所以很多人直接称菲利普岛为企鹅岛。每当太阳下山,夜幕降临,一批又一批的小企鹅结队上岸,一摇一摆地返回自己的巢穴。大厅内会有小企鹅的介绍,幸运的话,还可以近距离在展览台里看到小企鹅。由于不让拍照,所以就没有照片了,希望大家去看小企鹅的时候也尽量不要拍照,多多少少会有影响。如果去观景台没有占到好的位置也不要紧,有些人看了一会就会觉得乏味,或者跟着小企鹅就走了(旁边有栈道,可以一直护送小企鹅直至它回到洞内),所以等人走了可以慢慢往前坐,离小企鹅上岸的位置就会越来越近。留守在家的企鹅宝宝会提前在岸边等待,等爸爸妈妈哥哥姐姐们上岸,再一起摇晃摇晃的走回家。率先回来的小企鹅也会在岸边等待,等家人到齐了再一起回家。非常值得一看。 Tips:观看小企鹅的地方非常冷,用导游的话来说就是,这可是南极吹来的风。如果是深秋或冬天来,最好能带上保暖的围巾。

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