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Twelve Apostles

Great Ocean Rd & Booringa Rd, Princetown VIC 3269, Australia

Introduction of Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles is about 15km from the town of Port Campbell and 87km from the town of Apollo Bay on Victoria's famous Great Ocean Road in Port Campbell National Park.

Twelve Apostles is undoubtedly the oldest and most elite attraction on Ocean Road, attracting millions of visitors every year. Initially these giant stones, which stood in great and varied shapes in the middle of the sea, had a very speechless name: Sows and Piglets, which were not renamed "Twelve Apostles Stone" until the 1950s, meaning from the Twelve Apostles of Jusus in Bibli. These boulders have been formed on the coast for thousands of years, and the country of Australia is only two hundred years old. The remaining boulders were not actually twelve, and on 3 July 2005, one of them broke apart, and on 25 September 2009, another collapsed, and now only seven can be seen, and experts say that as the waves continue to erode and the earth's climate changes, the remaining "disciples" may collapse at any time, but at the same time new "disciples" may be born at any time, meaning that everyone who comes here may be a witness to history.

The Twelve Apostles Visitor Centre (Twelve Apostles-Visitor Facility) is the best place to view Twelve Apostles, offering services such as parking, rest, dining and buying souvenirs, as well as a place for tour groups to pile up and park a variety of buses during the peak season. At the same time, there is a helicopter bird's-eye view of Twelve Apostles, with three fares, ranging from $145 to $570.

If you live in Port Campbell, the nearest town to Twelve Apostles, you can pull out your professional camera and capture the stifling beauty of Twelve Apostles in sunrise and sunset.


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Australia - Victoria
Attraction - Natural
12门徒、12 Apostles、十二使徒岩
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