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Australia - Queensland
Population unknown


The acronym: QLD) is located in the northeast of Australia and is named in honor of Queen Victoria in the United Kingdom. Queensland is located in the Pacific Ocean to the east, to the north and to South Australia to the west, and to New South Wales to the south. On the north side of the Gulf of Carpentala, with a total area of one million seven hundred and twenty seven thousand one hundred and ninety nine square kilometers, accounting for 22.4 percent of the area of the Australian mainland, Queensland is Australia's second-largest state. About 54 percent of Queensland is located north of the line of return to the south, with little rainfall and a warm climate. Sunny, has the "sunshine state" the reputation, the capital city is Brisbane.

Queensland has many world-renowned tourist destinations, such as the world's largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef, (Great Barrier Reef), Queensland, the second largest city, Gold Coast, with several famous theme parks and a large number of high-end resorts and hotels, and is Australia's resort city.


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