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Moreton Island

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Attraction - Beach
Australia - Queensland
Moreton Island QLD 4025, Australia
All day


Located on the southeast coast of Queensland, Moreton Island is the third largest sand island in the world across the Brisbane of Morton Bay (Moreton Bay) and the capital of Queensland, covering an area of about 171 square kilometers.

The sand dunes on the Moreton Island have been fixed by vegetation, with the island's first lighthouse in queensland (1857), a ferry passage Brisbane, about 70 minutes by boat, and a group of wild dolphins waiting for tourists every evening on the island, and the shape of the island is similar to a wide-nosed dolphin, so people affectionately call her dolphin island.

Moreton Island blue ripples, silver sand floor, brown shadow whirling, in 2006 won the "purest beach in Australia" award. The intelligent dolphins, the giant whales, and many other sea creatures of all kinds, live happily in this beautiful paradise. Mount Tempest (Tempest) on the island is 278 meters high and is the highest dune in the world.

Moreton Island best known is the group of wild dolphins that have been eating and drinking every day for decades. Each evening, the group would be accustomed to travel to the shore of the wharf, waiting for the visitors to feed ,365 days rain and shine, sometimes early feeding has not begun, they will be very quiet on the side or play or quiet patience waiting. When it comes to feeding time, the administrator will ask visitors to line up to water in turn, obviously many people are so close to dolphins so excited, but to protect dolphins, please do not touch them with your hands. A dolphin is a very clever and kind animal, and when you walk into it, it starts to communicate with you with its eyes, sometimes rubbing its mouth against your feet to show friendliness, and occasionally it even raises its head out of the water and smiles at you, and at that moment your heart immediately melts.


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