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Great Barrier Reef

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Australia - Queensland
Great Barrier Reef, QLD, Australia


Great Barrier Reef, known as the world's largest living creature, is a huge coral reef group stretching more than 2000 kilometers east of the Queensland coast and up to 161 kilometers wide, consisting of more than 3000 coral reefs of different stages, coral islands. Sandbars and lagoons are made up of wonders. Great Barrier Reef was named the World Natural Heritage site by UNESCO in 1981. It is the most famous national treasure landscape in Australia and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.

Cairns and Ellie Beach (Airlie Beach) are the two most well-known and most visited gateway cities on the Great Barrier Reef line.

At present, the ecological environment of Great Barrier Reef is not optimistic, and the threat caused by especially climate change to Great Barrier Reef is continuing. In addition, the environmental impact of human economic development activities, including poor surface water flowing into the ocean, coastal development, fishing and so on, all affect the ecological composition of Great Barrier Reef threat, and the number of coral groups is decreasing. Both Australia's government and all mankind have an obligation to do their best to leave this treasure of nature to our children and grandchildren.

Great Barrier Reef is more than 2000 km long and is basically divided into the following areas from north to south:


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