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810 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream VIC 3770, Australia

Introduction of Yeringberg

Yeringberg is located on the western outskirts of Healesville, the core town of (Yarra Valley), the famous wine producing area in Victoria, about 50 kilometers from downtown Melbourne, the capital of Victoria.

The founder of Arenburg was the Swiss aristocrat Fredrik Guillaume Dipley (Frederic Guillame de Pury),. He brewed Bordeaux style wines in London, Paris, Bordeaux, Calcutta. Sanfan and other international wine exhibitions have repeatedly won gold medals. His ornate two-story wooden brewery and underground cellar are still intact and are listed as national protected buildings. After World War I, downy mildew and bird damage, as well as falling demand for Australian table wine around the world, led to the demise of the Yala Valley vineyard. In 1921, Arenburg was not immune and became the last large manor to uproot vines in the valley of Yala. In 1969, the third generation of the family, Gul Dipley (Guill de Pury), began rebuilding the Arenburg vineyard on the northeast slope chosen by his grandfather more than a century ago. The Dipley family now produces only 1500 cartons of Yalenburg wine a year from the oldest vines in the Yala Valley.

Today, Gul's daughter Sandra Dipley (Sandra de Pury) is a winery winemaker, another outstanding representative of Australian female winemakers. In addition to brewing, she is also in charge of the daily operation of the winery. Her brother David (David) is in charge of vineyard management. Food and wine always complement each other. Sandra is even more proficient in food and wine matching because she is a highly qualified chef and was the first executive chef at (M Restaurant), a Michele restaurant in Hong Kong (1989 / 1990).

Yeringberg wines are all produced from grapes grown on this estate, so they stably reflect the characteristics of the region, climate and vines. The vines are trimmed and the grapes are picked by hand. From grape to bottle wine brewing process to minimize human intervention, maintain the natural characteristics of grapes, and select the best French oak bucket cellar.

When young, Yalenburg wine is deeply loved because of its soft taste, outstanding fruit taste and high balance. At the same time, it also has the excellent quality of developing into rich, elegant and mature wine. Yalenburg wine is an integral part of all Australia's high-end cellar collections and is sold exclusively to customers who appreciate and are willing to buy fine wines.

Australia - Victoria
Food - Vineyard
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