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Fort Denison

Pinchgut Island, Sydney NSW, Australia

Introduction of Fort Denison

Fort Denison, located in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is one of many small islands in Sydney Port (Sydney Harbour). It is part of the Sydney Port National Park (Sydney Harbour National Park) and covers an area of less than 4000 square meters. It is a small mini island that can't be any smaller.

Fort Denison is located northeast of (Royal Botanic Gardens), the Royal Botanical Garden of Sydney, less than a kilometer from the Sydney Opera House (Sydney Opera House), named because of a micromodel-like fortress of the same name on the island.

Fort Denison, a former native fishing ground, was used as a maritime prison for prisoners and as a defense facility after European colonists landed. Because the prisoners were shackled all day long, only bread and water were used as food, so there was also an alias for (Pinchgut).

The Fort Denison tower, the only tower built in Australia, is built from sandstone near (Neutral Bay) in the neutral bay area and weighs 7900 tons. In 1913, a lighthouse built in Birmingham, England, replaced the 250mm cannon at the top of the tower, known as the Fort Denison lamp (Fort Denison Light), and has been used so far.

In May 1942, three Japanese double small submarines attacked the port of Sydney, when the US Navy cruiser USS Chicago stationed at the port of Sydney opened fire on the Japanese submarine, some of the shells hit Fort Denison, and caused slight damage to the tower. The traces left by the shells are still visible, which is also a memorial to history.

Today's Fort Denison has become a tourist attraction for the beauty of Sydney Port and is open to the public.

Mode of transport and fare:

  • You can take Captain Cook's (Captain Cook) ferry to Fort Denison, and get on board both the lover port (Darling Harbour) and the circular wharf (Circular Quay);
  • Ticket price: $20 for adults and $17 for children, including shipping tickets and 30 minutes tour guide service, can be booked online at
Australia - New South Wales
Attraction - Beach
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