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Wendy's Secret Garden

Harbourview Cres, Milsons Point NSW 2061, Australia

Introduction of Wendy's Secret Garden

Wendy's Secret Garden (Wendy's Secret Garden) is located in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, in lavender Bay (Lavender Bay)., north of (Sydney Harbour), port of Sydney. < lavender bay.

Britt Whitley (Brett Whiteley) and Wendy Whitley (Wendy Whiteley) are a couple of famous Sydney and Australian artists. They respect each other emotionally and take care of each other in art. Britt praised his wife for her profound artistic attainments and benefited a lot from his painting creation. The couple's long-term residence and studio are in Paddington (Paddington), but there is also an invincible sea-view mansion in North Sydney, set against the world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge (Sydney Harbour Bridge) and the Sydney Opera House (Sydney Opera House), alum dots on lavender Bay on the shore, and yachts woven. Unfortunately, Britt died young. In memory of her husband, Wendy decided in 1992 to transform the grass, which was originally a railway yard in front of the building, into a beautiful garden and leisure place. But for Wendy, who can't get through horticulture, the whole process of garden construction is intertwined with indescribable hardships and twists, just like a spiritual baptism and emotional sharpening, where her beloved daughter, who has been helping her build a garden, has died of cancer. After two decades of unremitting efforts and millions of Australian dollars in investment, Wendy finally fulfilled his long-cherished dream with amazing willpower and imagination, named Wendy's Secret Garden (Wendy's Secret Garden), and certified by government. The mysterious garden, designed by the artist "to paint it like a painting" (Wendy), will have extraordinary artistic characteristics. There is no doubt that the most impressive entry into the garden is its style and color. Because the garden is built on a steep slope, all kinds of flowers, pods, tree ferns, palm trees, wine bottle trees, golden pepper grass, fig trees and so on are crowded on both sides of a "one" zigzag path according to the terrain, which appears to be stacked and staggered. Walking along the winding path, you will inadvertently appear in front of your eyes some interesting objects and rare sculptures, such as old scooters, rusty one-wheeled wheelbarrows, railway wrench gates, totem, and so on; there will also be all kinds of birds singing crispy and melodious in your ears, such as parrots, seagulls, smiling Kingsley birds, wagtail, and so on. In order to facilitate people's study and picnic, tables and chairs are also placed in the clearing.

Perhaps because of the preconceived influence of the word "mysterious", in the process of traveling, I always have a quiet, peaceful, empty feeling in my heart, really as Wendy said, "everyone has a secret garden in their hearts", which seems to be a particularly suitable place for reflection and meditation. I think this should be Wendy's original intention and the highest artistic conception embodied in the so-called "mystery". The mystery of Wendy Park is also reflected in the secrecy of the park. It is difficult for the average person to find it without being instructed. Because the lower edge of the garden is blocked by the rail yard of the railway, the upper edge is seamlessly connected to the building area. Fortunately, the characteristics of Wendy mansion are very obvious-the white wall red tile, the roof of the building stands this round white arrow tower.

There are two ways to find Wendy's Secret Garden,:

  • (LUNA PARK), at the northern end of the Harbour Bridge, goes straight west along the seaside. When he sees two railway culverts, he passes through, and then aims at the white tower tip.
  • From the north Sydney (North Sydney) train station to the south of the seaside direction, also see the white tower tip up.


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Australia - New South Wales
Attraction - Garden
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