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Cruise Whitsundays - Reefsleep at the Great Barrie

24, The Cove Rd, Airlie Beach QLD 4802, Australia

Introduction of Cruise Whitsundays - Reefsleep at the Great Barrie

The Great Barrier Reef Adventure one-day (Cruise Whitsundays) is one of Airlie Beach's most popular voyages, run by (Cruise Whitsundays), the Holy Spirit Islands cruise company, and offers a variety of services, including one-day and two-day tours.

The reef sleepless two-day trip to (Reefsleep at the Great Barrier Reef):, one of the few unique experiences in the world, lies about 74 kilometers off the coast of the Great Barrier Reef, spending an unforgettable night in the glamorous starry sky! "Coral Reef World" is located in (Hardy Reef), one of the most magnificent Hadi Reef, a destination for our one-day trip to the Great Barrier Reef, where only a few lucky people have enjoyed an unforgettable overnight sea experience.

On the first day, visitors to Reef Rock Sleeping will arrive at Coral Reef World at 11:00 on our luxury high-speed cruise boat with a one-day trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Day trips to the Great Barrier Reef offer a variety of water activities: snorkeling, diving, swimming, massage, helicopter viewing (extra fee). At 3 p.m., one-day tourists return by boat to join the Reef Rock Sleeping (Reefsleep) (up to nine) and our crew will begin to explore the amazing waters of the planet.

Enjoy the tranquillity of the sea and hear only the gentle sound of the sea, and perhaps hear the light cry of the seabirds. In the setting sun, there is also a chance to see sea turtles nibble on the surface of the sea around the pontoon.

Our guided group snorkeling and diving tours will lead you to very special attractions: the huge Maori Longhead fish (Maori Wrass) and amazing coral reefs, countless tropical fish, Turtles and reef sharks are right in front of you. It doesn't matter if you don't like swimming, our comfortable semi-submersible and underwater viewing cabins give you the same view of the sea floor without getting wet. You can also prepare for night accommodation with staff who remain at sea pontoons.

At dusk, visitors usually enjoy the glamorous sunset on the upper deck, take photos, or enjoy a glass of wine at the boat's bar. Dinner is a delicious barbecue that can be served on deck with other visitors or in underwater viewing cabins. In the evening, we will turn on underwater searchlights and you will see another underwater world that is completely different from the day.

At night off the coast, any light or starlight will surprise you. The stars of clear stars make people grateful for the gift of nature! When the meteor falls, don't forget to make your wish! Back to the "star bath" reclining chair (daytime sunbathing reclining chair) relax enjoy, with our star-watching telescope to enjoy the intoxicating deep star sky. We have a crew of astronomical enthusiasts to help you find different constellations and planets.

If you want to take a nap under the stars, you can drill into our comfortable stargazing tent, with transparent stargazing panels in the head and comfortable mattresses and sleeping bags in the tent. Even at night, there will be no mosquito bites, you can even open a tent to sleep, enjoy only your starry sky and ocean air! We can also offer double rooms to choose from.

The next day starts with a full breakfast in the morning, and then you can experience all kinds of water sports again in the reef world. You can get up at your own discretion. By 11:00, the beauty and activity facilities are for you and only a handful of other visitors who spend the night.

Enjoy the delicious food

Want to blow the sea wind, eat? Serve delicious morning tea, afternoon tea and a hearty buffet lunch on the cruise ship to make your hunger disappear. We specially invite Elley Beach's top restaurant, Fish D'Vine, to host meals on cruise ships and select the best culinary ingredients for the season. Tea and coffee are also served free of charge. The bar on board also sells a variety of drinks and carbonated drinks. The itinerary also includes a delicious breakfast and barbecue dinner. Accommodation

We offer two kinds of accommodation: star-watching tent or double room.

  • Stargazing tents: comfortable stargazing tents with transparent stargazing panels in the head and comfortable mattresses and sleeping bags in the tent. You can choose a large single tent (1 person) or a double tent (2 people). Stay on the Great Barrier Reef and spend a wonderful night in a stargazing tent. This will be a unique and unforgettable experience! The tent is made of waterproof material and does not have to worry about moisture. On a sunny night, you can even open a tent and sleep, enjoying only the stars and ocean air that belongs to you!
  • Double rooms: coral reef world double rooms with air conditioning and independent bathroom, is the perfect choice for couples! We have a double room to choose from.


  • Double room (2): $489, double room (one room): $699, double tent (2): $440, large single tent: $440
  • Shuttle bus to and from Port Elley: adult: $10.3, children (4-14 years old): most hotels in A $10.15 (Airlie Beach are within walking distance of the port of Elley)

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Australia - Queensland
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