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Dent Island

Dent Island, Whitsundays QLD, Australia

Introduction of Dent Island

Dent Island is one of the 74 islands of the Holy Spirit Islands (Whitsundays) off the eastern coast of Queensland and belongs to the famous World Natural Heritage Great Barrier Reef (Great Barrier Reef), which covers an area of about 4 square kilometers adjacent to (Hamilton Island), Hamilton Island.

Dent Island is a world-famous fishing resort, with Black Gun Fish, Yellow Fish, Pan-Fried Mackerel and Niugang scad usually infested in surrounding tropical waters, with the option of diving and snorkeling on reefs or outer reefs. In addition, Dante's most famous is the island's Hamilton Island Golf Club, (Hamilton Island Golf Club), Australia's only island championship course, designed to challenge golf enthusiasts at all levels. From holiday guests to professional golfers, a perfect combination of the island's natural and beautiful scenery, its mountainous terrain offers a stunning 360-degree sea view, giving you an eye-catching view of the secluded bay and the islands adjacent to the beach. Even if you don't play golf, you can have a lunch at the club's restaurant and enjoy the beautiful scenery. After lunch, the staff here can take visitors around the golf course and enjoy the most beautiful view of the course in Australia. Many celebrities often come to play a few games, the court also provides a full range of services, including playing ball, accommodation, pick-up and so on, can be booked on the stadium's official website:


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Australia - Queensland
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Destinations of Dent Island

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Maps of Dent Island

1. Waves 08
1.8 km
2. Casuarina Cove 13 Hamilton Island
1.8 km
3. Villa 4 the Edge Oceanfront Deluxe 3 Bedroom Near Marina with Golf Buggy
1.8 km
4. Villa 2 the Edge Oceanfront  Deluxe 3 Bedroom Near Marina with Golf Buggy
1.8 km
5. Casuarina Cove Apartments
1.9 km
6. Heliconia Grove 9
1.9 km
7. Shorelines 31 - Hamilton Island
1.9 km
8. 1 Heliconia Ocean View 3 Bedroom House Near Marina with Golf Buggy
1.9 km
9. Shorelines 23 Hamilton Island 2 Bedroom Ocean View  Near Marina with Golf Buggy
1.9 km
10. Villa 16 the Edge Oceanfront Deluxe 3 Bedroom Near Marina with Golf Buggy
1.9 km
11. Heliconia Grove on Hamilton Island
1.9 km
12. Edge Apartments
1.9 km
13. Pavilion 17 Oceanfront Ground Floor 4 Bedroom Heated Pool Plus Golf Buggy
1.9 km
14. Pavillion 3 Absolute Waterfront
2.0 km
15. Compass Point
2.0 km
16. Yacht Club Villas Hamilton Island
2.1 km
17. Sunset Waters Apartments
2.1 km
18. Panorama Apartments
2.1 km
19. Panorama 3 Hamilton Island 2 Bedroom Ocean View Near Marina with Golf Buggy
2.1 km
20. Stunning Panorama Apartments
2.1 km

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