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Catseye Beach

Catseye Beach, Resort Dr, Hamilton Island QLD 4803, Australia

Introduction of Catseye Beach

Located on the northeast side of (Hamilton Island), the most famous resort island of (Whitsundays) in the Holy Spirit Islands, Catseye Beach is about 800m long facing Maoming Bay (Catseye Bay),.

Catseye Beach is close to the main Hamilton Island Hotel, convenient transportation, the island's three largest hotels: the Holy Spirit apartment, (Whitsunday Apartments), Coral View Hotel (Reef View Hotel) and Le Beach Club Hotel (Beach Club) are just around the beach. Hamilton Island Water Sports Center is also located on Cat's Eye Beach with catamaran, single boat, water skateboarding, water surfing and other snorkeling facilities. On both sides of the beach, there are swimming pools, shops, restaurants, bars, etc., full of amenities, whether you want to play in the water or have a drink in front of the sea view.

Catseye Beach is strongly influenced by tides, suitable for swimming and diving at high tides, and stingray and sea turtles can be found in the water after ebb tide. At the same time, Catseye Beach is also a good place for weddings, where newcomers often hold weddings on the beach.


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Australia - Queensland
Attraction - Beach
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