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Bay Of Martyrs

Bay Of Martyrs Carpark, Peterborough VIC 3270, Australia

Introduction of Bay Of Martyrs

Bay Of Martyrs is part of the archipelago Bay Marine Park (Bay of Islands Coastal Park), near Peterborough, a small town near the end of (Great Ocean Road), Victoria's famous Ocean Road.

Traveling about three kilometers west from Peterborough to Bay Of Martyrs, where indigenous residents were driven by early European immigrants to brutally executed (though not recorded in history books), they once had a tragic history.

With relatively open and flat beaches and cliffs, Bay Of Martyrs is a great place to view stone pillars in the sea and, like the nearby wormbay (Worm Bay), visitors can go down to the beach.

Australians think it's better to watch sunset in Bay Of Martyrs than (Tweleve Apostles), the 12 disciples, because of the direction in which the sun falls straight down the level line, rather than landing on the shore. Here you can see and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the coast, with many magnificent rock forms, a perfect place to relax, take a walk, and discover new rock forms. In addition, these stones are always changing, because the material in the rocks is easily eroded by the sea, and the differences in the shape of the rocks alone can be detected by the naked eye. While many people's trip to Oceania ended at (Port Campbell) in Port Campbell, it is highly recommended to walk a little more way here if there is plenty of time.

In addition, Bay Of Martyrs also has the only dog walk in the archipelago Bay Marine Park. Visitors can walk the dog from Peterborough to the Bay Of Martyrs parking lot, but please don't bring the dog into Bay Of Martyrs Beach. The beach here is home to Victoria's most precious bird, the h é ng).


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