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Gibson Steps

Gibson Steps, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell VIC 3269

Introduction of Gibson Steps

Gibson Steps (Port Campbell Nation Park), located on (Great Ocean Road), Ocean Road, is about 16 kilometers from the port of Campbell (Port Campbell) and 1 kilometer from the 12th disciple (Twelve Apostles).

Gibson Steps is a 86-step ladder on a precipice, between the bottom of the cliff that is eroded by the sea and the surging waves, which can lead to the bottom of the Gibson Beach from the top of the cliff. It was said that the precipitous ladder was first gouged by the local Kira Whurong indigenous tribe, a route to the next sea, and was later refined by an early immigrant, Hugh Gibson, to become the appearance of the present in front of us.

Gibson Steps is the only place in Ocean Road where you can go down to the beach and look at the boulders in the sea. The boulders on the beach are rugged, the waves roll, and the air is very powerful with the water vapor of the waves. Next to it is a viewing platform overlooking Gibson Steps. On the beach of Gibson Steps, two huge pillars, called Gog and Magog, can also be seen eastward on the castle rocks of the (Twelve Apostles) scenic spot, not far away, but they are not part of the twelve pillars, and the limestone pillars that make up the twelve disciples' landscape are all located on the west side of the 12th disciple trestle and viewing platform.

Gibson Steps is one of two attractions where tourists can go down to the beach in the 12th disciple area and have close contact with the sea, and the other is located 5 kilometers away in (Loch Ard Gorge)., the Rockead Canyon.


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