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London Bridge

Great Ocean Rd, Peterborough VIC 3270, Australia

Introduction of London Bridge

London Bridge is located in Victoria's famous (Great Ocean Road) Ocean Road, within the (Port Campbell National Park) of Campbell Harbor National Park, between (Port Campbell) and (Peterborough) in Petersburg.

London Bridge, one of the most famous attractions on Oceanic Road, now stands in the middle of the ocean with a huge arched stone formerly connected to the mainland and similar in shape to the London Bridge, so it is named after it.

London Bridge is a beautiful coastal landscape formed by the forces of nature. Formerly this rock was the promontory of the sea and land. It was named London Bridge because of the erosion of the waves, which formed two round holes, which were just double arched. As a result of the continuous erosion of the sea and wind erosion, in the evening of January 15, 1990, the circular hole connected to the land collapsed and broke away from the mainland, forming the way it is now seen, and what is even more alarming is the fact that the hole connected to the land collapsed in the evening of 15 January 1990. The lesson: don't climb these natural sculptures on the ocean road, look spectacular and sturdy, but the interior is likely to have become an empty shell, thanks to the fact that there were two tourists on the bridge, fortunately, they were all safe and sound, and the lesson was that, instead of climbing the natural sculptures on the ocean road, they looked spectacular and sturdy. The magnificent shores here and the sea of night waves attract tourists from all over the world.


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Australia - Victoria
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