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Werrong Beach

Werrong Beach, Otford NSW 2508, Australia

Introduction of Werrong Beach

Werrong Beach is located in (Royal National Park), the Royal National Park south of Sydney, New South Wales, about 55 kilometers from the city of Sydney.

Werrong Beach has another nickname: Hell's Cave Beach (Hell Hole Beach), about 250m long, is one of Sydney's four legitimate celestial beaches (naked beaches), and the other three are: sister's Bay Beach, (Lady Bay Beach), obelisk Beach, (Cobblers Beach), Shoemaker Beach (Obelisk Beach).

Surrounded by cliffs and rock walls, Werrong Beach faces the vast expanse of the South Pacific Ocean, surrounded by cliffs and the towering east coast of Sydney, all year round, in a common beach risk rating. It is listed as 7 / 10 (highly dangerous) and is not suitable for swimming. But Werrong Beach is a golden beach with rugged rainforest trails and crescent-shaped beaches, idyllic fantasy beaches, ideal for natural, bohemian heavenly tastes.

Although Werrong Beach is remote and inaccessible, it takes patience and physical strength to get here. With a height drop of more than 200m from Werrong Beach, there is a 1. 1km winding steep mountain path from the top of the hill to the beach. But this half-hour trek is worth it, because the entire mountain path is filled with dense coastal rainforests and beautiful scenery, leaving you with a sense of peach blossoms.

In addition to driving from the city of Sydney to Werrong Beach, you can get off at Otford station on the Irrawara railway line from (Bondi Junction) at the Bundy junction and walk about 1 kilometer east to the beach hill pass signage.

It is worth mentioning that because Werrong Beach is also located at the intersection of the Royal National Park, the popular Figure 8 Pool on the Internet, there are also a lot of traffic on the road and parking lots. The journey will not be lonely.


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Australia - New South Wales
Attraction - Beach
地狱之洞海滩、Hell Hole Beach
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