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Hurstville NSW 2220, Australia

Introduction of Hurstville

The Good City Circle (Hurstville) is an important community in the south Sydney the capital of New South Wales, about 15 km from the centre of Sydney, with train direct access from the centre of the city. Strictly speaking, the good city circumference is not a traditional tourist attraction, but only one of the many mature resident communities in Sydney, but as the most densely populated community in Australia, it plays a role as a window for overseas tourists, especially Chinese tourists, to understand Chinese life in Australia.

The good city circumference is Hurstville very typical "Hong Kong style" translation method, the community has existed as early as the early 19th century, has developed rapidly in recent decades, is now one of the eight central areas of Sydney city. The city covers an area of 2460 hectares and has a permanent population of more than 70,000 people. It has developed commerce, good public order and tall buildings. It is Sydney southern town and traffic throat. It can reach Sydney urban area train about half an hour.

The city is one of the most densely populated Chinese communities in Australia, once known as "Little Hong Kong ", which clearly means that Hong Kong has more residents. After China's mainland reform and opening up, the number of immigrants from mainland has gradually increased and gathered, and now far exceeds Hong Kong residents. The latest figures show that 35 per cent of the total population of Haocheng Wai is self- mainland, compared with 2 per cent in the Sydney districts ;17 per cent in Hong Kong and 1 per cent in the Sydney districts; and 52 per cent in the mainland and Hong Kong, the highest in the municipalities.

Of the many Chinese communities in Sydney and Melbourne, the good market is only in the middle stream, but certainly the most representative. Like other Chinese communities, Chinese and Chinese are nowhere to be seen in good cities, from shop signs, menus to shop assistants and passers-by. They can be said to live without obstacles even if they do not understand a single word of English, so many elderly Chinese immigrants have settled their homes here in pursuit of the convenience of life, which also leads to a much higher house price than the surrounding communities of the same level.


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