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Sydney Ferry

Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Introduction of Sydney Ferry

Ferry (Ferry) plays an important role in urban traffic in Sydney, and hundreds of thousands of Sydney citizens make use of ferry commuting every day. In addition, because the port of Sydney (Sydney Harbour) is one of the most beautiful seaports in the world, there are world-class tourist attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, (Sydney Opera House), Sydney Harbour Bridge and (Sydney Harbour Bridge) along the coast. Visitors to the city also use ferries to travel to and from major tourist attractions, and enjoy a refreshing sea breeze while enjoying beautiful city views.

The ferry at Sydney, centered at the roundabout terminal (Circular Quay), diverges out of eight routes, namely:

Line numbeLine Nam
F1Manley Line (Manly)
F2Tyranga Zoo Line (Taronga Zoo)
F3Paramat River Line (Parramatta River)
F4Ring Sydney Port Line (Cross Harbour)
F5Neutral Bay Line (Neutral Bay)
F6Mosman Bay Line (Mosman Bay)
F7Double Bay Line (Double Bay)
F8Corkto Island Line (Cockatoo Island)

Line Map:

Sydney Ferry

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How to purchase a ticket:

  • Use the rechargeable Opal card, swipe the card to enter;
  • Use Opal card price has certain discount;
  • Opal cards are available in many convenience stores;

If there is no Opal card:

  • Then can brush like Opal card, swipe credit card to enter, credit card must be contactless;
  • You can also purchase a single ticket (Opal single trip ticket); at a manual ticket office or a vending machine
  • In addition to the ring terminal station, there are basically only automatic ticket machines and no manual ticket office. Passengers must first purchase tickets before embarking on the ship.

Ticket price (2019):

Use an Opal CardUse a single card or swipe a credit card
Within 9 km$6.01$7.4
Over 9 km$7.51$9.2

Note: most voyages are within 9 km, and a few destinations, such as Manley (Manly), Palamat (Parramatta), will exceed 9 km.


  • The mobile phone can download the App application named TripView Lite, it can query the line conveniently, as well as the time of the ship, it is very convenient.
Australia - New South Wales
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