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The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney, Camperdown NSW 2006, Australia

Introduction of The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney, located in the southwest suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, is the first university in Australia and Oceania, founded in 1850, in Campadan (Camperdown), just about 2 kilometers from the city of Sydney.

The University of Sydney has nurtured a number of important figures in its history, including five Australian Prime Ministers, 23 Supreme Court judge, President of the Common Assembly and three Nobel laureates. The University of Sydney is also one of the few foreign universities to recognize China's college entrance examination scores. In recent years, The University of Sydney has become a hot spot because of rumors that Harry Potter is here (it's not a Harry Potter spot, it's just similarities), as well as the wedding of a milky tea sister.

The The University of Sydney campus is old-fashioned and retains the traditional Australian architecture and cultural characteristics that were originally designed in Oxford and Cambridge styles and give the illusion of entering an English institution of learning. The campus is full of quiet and natural harmony, the open campus is surrounded by grass and lakes, lovers sit leisurely on the grass, like a park, there are no tickets, there are no doors, School and community integration, in the opening of jacaranda, garden square people forget to return.

The quadripartite courtyard (The Quadrangle), the oldest and best-known building in The University of Sydney, was charmed by Harry Potter as the Harry Potter building. It consists of a group of buildings that form a magnificent square courtyard. There are four huge lawns in the middle of the Fangting main building, and there are no more plants. There was once a beautiful century-old tree, the jacaranda, which is also the time for examination in the season of flower blooming, so it was named "Test Tree." Unfortunately, it was uprooted in a storm in 2016 and is now nowhere to be found, while the newly planted little saplings hold memories and yearning for the jacaranda. And the arches, flower windows and relief sculptures inside the quadripartite courtyard are even more worthy of stopping and appreciating, especially the Nicholson Museum (Nicholson Museum) in the southwest corner of the main building deserves to be visited in detail. It is the largest museum in Australia and even in the southern hemisphere, with treasures from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and even mummies more than 3000 years ago.

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  • Bus: take bus No. 412 / 413 / 438 / 461 / 470 and get off at University of Sydney Quadrangle Clocktower stop.


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Australia - New South Wales
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