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Central Station

Central Station, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Introduction of Central Station

Central Station is located south of the Sydney metropolitan area (CBD), capital of new south wales, opposite eddie avenue (Eddy Ave) across belmer park (Belmore Park).

Central Station is Australia's largest train station, which was first put into operation in September 1855 and has since been rebuilt and relocated several times. The current Sydney central train station was completed in 1906.

Now the Central Station is the distribution center of Sydney traffic, the appearance of the station is built with sand and rock, magnificent, and the station capacity is huge, like the central station of so big city, very busy.

Station platform (Platform):

At present Central Station there are 27 platforms ,23 on the ground and 4 on the ground ;15 platforms were first built in 1906,8 others in 1926, and the last four platforms were built to pick up trains on the eastern outskirts of the project began in 1948, in 1948, although funding problems had not been officially opened until 1979; it was stated in the original plan that four platforms were needed, but it was later found that two of them (26 and 27) were not required to be used.

The 27-month platform, January-October platform, is the Country Link railway company's train platform, interstate trains and intercity trains and other medium-distance trains from here; while platform 11-26 is the city railway platform, connecting Sydney with surrounding communities, as well as the surrounding towns such as Wolong Gang (Wollongong), Kaima (Kiama).

Station Lobby:

The station lobby is divided into three parts: the north upper platform, the north lower platform and the south lower platform. The upper north platform provides access to platform 1-15. There are shops in the waiting area in the lobby of the station, while the west side of platform 1 has a "suburban link" passenger centre. A number of exits are available in the lobby, mostly to the northwest of the station (e.g. Sydney University of Science and Technology, Darling Harbor, Chinatown, etc.). The north lobby is also provided with a lower floor to facilitate passengers on the city railway. City railway ticket office located on that floor central, can be transferred to the platform by car.

The south lobby is located at the east exit of Devonshire Street, south of platform 24 and 25. As the lobbies on both sides are not connected to each other, passengers must first enter the station toll area, then enter the toll hall at the 24th and 25th platforms, and finally go south before arriving. The south lobby is obviously smaller than the north, but there are also some shops and gate entry machines. We're here to go to Mount Sali and Lydfen.

Line of station service:

  • Indian Ocean Pacific train


English routeChinese routecoverage
T1North Shore & Northern LineNorth and Northcentral Station to Po Lo Wah/Consby via Gordon/Majue University
Northern LineNorth Linecentral Station to Epin (Epping)
Western LineWestern Linecentral Station to Sheung (Emu Plains)/ Liegeven (Richmond)
T2Inner West LineWest LineCity Circle to Paramat (Parramatta)
Leppington LineLipington LineCity Ring to Lipington (Leppington)
T3Bankstown LineBinshi LineMarket Circle to Liverpool (Liverpool) via Bensch (Bankstown)
T4Eastern Suburbs LineIllawarra LineElara Line, Eastern subuBondi (Bondi) to Falls/Cronara (Cronulla) via central Station
T5Cumberland LineGolden Balun LineSgaufir (Schofields) to Lipington (Leppington)
T8Airport & South LineAirport and Southern LineCity Ring to McGat (Macarthur) via Airport
South Coast LineSouth coastBondi (Bondi)- Central Station - Wolong Kong (Wollongong)- Anguilla (Nowra)
Blue Mountains LineBlue Mountain Linecentral station - cartoon bar (Katoomba)- Lisgo (Lithgow)- Bathurst (Bathurst)
Central Coast & Newcastle LineNewcastle and central coastlinecentral Station - Newcastle (Newcastle)
Southern LineIntercity Southcentral Station - Canberra / Melbourne South Cross Station
Western LineIntercity Westcentral Station - Dabo (Dubbo)/Broken Hill (Broken Hill)
North Coast LineIntercity Northcentral Station - Brisbane
North West LineIntercity Northwestcentral Station - Amidale (Armidale)/Morey


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Australia - New South Wales
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