Tessellated Pavement

Name: Tessellated Pavement

Loc: Australia - Tasmania
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Addr: 380 Pirates Bay Dr, Eaglehawk Neck TAS 7179, Australia
Tel: 0433 853 434
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Introduction of Tessellated Pavement

Tessellated Pavement is located in the north of (Tasman Peninsula), east of Horbart, the capital of Tasmania, about 76 kilometers from downtown Habat, next to the Eagle Gorge (Eaglehawk Neck)., which connects the Tasman Peninsula and Tasmanian Island.

Tessellated Pavement is a strange landform of Tower Island, and these crisscross stone seams formed by natural scouring look like flat chess tracks made up of rectangles from a distance, so they are named. Tessellated Pavement is a natural phenomenon, which is a rare erosive geomorphology formed when the crustal pressure water diagenetic fault occurs. With the dehydration and drying up of diagenetic rocks at low tide, salt crystals are formed on the surface. Under the influence of salt crystals, there are a lot of joints on the ground, that is, the rectangular block landform we see now. Tourists to Tasmania will come here to watch the magical chessboard road and stand on the chessboard road to watch the vast view of the sea.

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