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Port Arthur

Port Arthur TAS 7182, Australia

Introduction of Port Arthur

Port Arthur is located in the south of (Tasman Peninsula) on the Tasmanian peninsula in Tasmania, about 100km from Horbart, the capital of Tasmania. Because of the three sides of the Tasman Peninsula surrounded by water and a geographical environment connected to the island of Tasmania by a 30-meter-wide Eagle Gorge, it was chosen as a place to hold prisoners exiled from Britain. It is now one of the most famous tourist attractions in Tasmania and one of 11 sites in (Australian Convict Sites), an Australian criminal exile site, assessed by UNESCO, the common country.

More than 300000 visitors visit Port Arthur every year, but the sunny port has a dark history of havoc. In 1930, Captain George Arthur chose the Tasman Peninsula, south-east of Tasmania, to imprison prisoners who committed crimes again in the colony. The peninsula and mainland are connected only by a land less than 100 meters wide (that is, the Eagle isthmus), where a row of ferocious police dogs are stationed angrily to prevent prisoners from escaping. Between 1830 and 1877, 12500 prisoners spent hard sentences in Port Arthur, like a natural barrier castle. It was also the darkest place of fear for exiled prisoners of the year, known as the "Cave of Hell" (Hell Hole)..

Visitors are currently visiting ancient churches, gunpowder depots, cells and guard towers built by prisoners. There is also a prison museum full of strange styles, showing many pictures and objects of the year, including prisoners' prison clothes, whips and chains. Prison, which is a very different word from tourism, prison has a complex meaning for Australians. It not only represents detention, questioning, but also the beautiful and rich Australia because the prisoners who were originally exiled here pioneered on the island. So far, the churches, gunpowder depots, guard towers, pictures, prison clothes, chains and whips that have suffered so far have been preserved in good condition, and it is impossible to imagine how sad Australia's history is. Every year there is a steady stream of Australians in Port Arthur prison, perhaps because of the wisdom and sweat of their ancestors and the history of the Australian nation.

The Tourism Service Center is located in the historic site of Port Arthur. Downstairs is a detailed gallery where visitors can learn about the prisoners' exile to Tasmania. You can also take a cruise ship around (Island of the Dead), the island of death in the seaport, if you are interested, you can also visit the island. This is a very popular tour of Port Arthur, a 90-minute ghost tour, guided around many old buildings, about some of the creepy events that have happened here. If you are interested, be sure to make a reservation by 16:00 on the same day.

On April 28, 1996, the worst "Port Arthur massacre" in Australian history occurred in, Port Arthur, in which a total of 35 tourists were killed and 37 seriously injured by gunman Martin Bryant (Martin Bryant), holding AR15 automatic rifle. The tragedy shook Australian society and triggered a series of gun bans across the country. However, the cursed Port Arthur was yesterday, and now its tourism industry is booming, with unease and eccentricity long gone, and tourists from all over the world have turned the history of the past into dust under cars. Into the 21 st century, Port Arthur finally had good luck, leaving only bright sunshine on the island.

PS: should not mention the 1996 tragedy to the staff out of curiosity, because many of the staff are the families of the victims.

From Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, there are green mountains and rivers along the way, and it takes about two hours to get to Port Arthur, after the car passes through the wooded path. In order to protect the historical relics of Port Arthur, the local government has opened up the entire harbor site as a tourist area to control the number of visitors, but there is still a flood of people on holidays.


  • Basic fare, adult: $40, children: $18, visit time 4: 6 hours, including "death Island" ferry and 40 minutes guided hiking trip
  • Night pass including dinner and "Ghost Journey": $80
  • "Ghost Journey" at 9: 00 p.m.: $27 for adults and $15 for children
  • Ghost Hunter: supernatural Survey in the early hours of the morning (last Saturday of each month only): adults only: $85
  • Note: tickets are valid for two days, during which time you can get in and out of scenic spots many times.
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