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Hayman Island

Hayman Island, Whitsundays QLD, Australia

Introduction of Hayman Island

Hayman Island (Hayman Island, is one of the 74 islands of (Whitsundays), the Holy Spirit Islands off the eastern coast of Queensland, and belongs to the famous Great Barrier Reef (Great Barrier Reef)., the world's natural heritage.

Hayman Island is the northernmost island of the Holy Spirit Islands, covering an area of about 4 square kilometers, with one of the most luxurious resorts in the Holy Spirit Islands.

In Hayman Island, you can not only enjoy the glamorous scenery of the tropical ocean and the Great Barrier Reef, but also the quiet and elegant leisure lifestyle. The island is small but not boring, and you can enjoy a moment of solitude, not just miles of walking paths. There are also reefs of sizable tropical fish and corals. The island's resort is considered one of the top ten hotels in the world, with an idyllic view of Taoyuan and well-equipped facilities. The most unusual thing is that when it comes to Man Island in Shanghai, it seems there are no staff on the island. In fact, staff usually work in a 1.6-kilometer long secret underground tunnel, with the aim of not disturbing visitors and allowing customers to enjoy their time freely, once visitors have any service requirements. They will appear in the shortest time to give satisfaction. Bill Gates and Robbie Williams were residents here, and the wedding of Liu Qiangdong, founder of, a wealthy Chinese businessman, and his sister milk tea took place here.


  • You can take a plane from Hamilton island, 55 minutes or so

Australia - Queensland
Attraction - Beach
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