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Oxford Street

Oxford St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, Australia

Introduction of Oxford Street

The Oxford Street is located in the capital of New South Wales Sydney, starting at the southeast corner of Hyde Park (Hyde Park) in the center of the city and extends to the Paddington (Paddington) area, about 4 km long.

Oxford Street is one of the Sydney's most distinctive streets, with many trendy shops selling a wide variety of goods, including books, antiques and designer clothing. It is also the focus of Sydney nightlife, famous for its coffee shop, restaurant and nightclub culture throughout Australia, the famous Paddington Fair (Paddington Markets) is also located in Oxford Street.

除了繁华的商业,Oxford Street还是Sydney同性文化的重要象征,著名的Sydney homosexual love 狂欢节(Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras)的parade 路线就是从海德公园出发,沿着Oxford Street前进,最终到达达令赫斯特(Darlinghurst)的泰勒广场(Taylor Square),这也使得Oxford Street在澳洲的LGBT群体(lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender)中有着很高的地位. Most young people with "sexual orientation issues" in the Sydney like to live in the streets near Oxford Street, where they can invite three or five confidants to chat in the cafe on the street on weekdays; on weekends, the nearby bars and entertainment venues are even more lively, dressed in strange elves shuttling through them to enjoy the wine. The President New Mardi Gras Sydney homosexual love organization once said :" Worldwide, homosexual love groups like to live in close proximity to each other, so as to provide a more familiar and convenient living environment, and people tend to live in the heart of the major cities. The same is true of members of our organization, where about 80% of our homosexual love members live in blocks near SydneyOxford Street. Dancing with two women or two men is sexy here. "

The Oxford Street also brings together a large number homosexual love clubs, bars, saunas and sexual transaction venues, the largest red-light district in Australia, where most Sydney homosexual love community organizations, including sports, music, literature and others, work. There is often a red light hanging at the brothel, gate near the Oxford Street, while the homosexual love gathering place is hung with a 6-color rainbow logo.


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