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Moore Park

Moore Park NSW 2021, Australia

Introduction of Moore Park

Moore Park is located in the southeastern suburb of Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, about 4 kilometers from the heart of Sydney, next to Century Park (Centennial Park), and Moore Park is also the name of the park's Suburb.

Moore Park is an open park with an in-house Moore Park golf course, (Moore Park Golf Course), which is open to the public and is well maintained and suitable for golf swing. At the same time, the famous Allianz Stadium (Allianz Stadium) and Sydney cricket stadium (Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust) are also located in the park.

Before the 1860s, it was the pastures of the Governor of the Colony. The mayor of Sydney, Moore (Moore), who served in 1867 / 1869, applied to the Governor of the Colony for four square kilometres of land as a place of recreation for citizens. In 1867, Moore Park, named after Moore, was officially opened to the public. In 1879, Sydney's first zoo was built here, and became a paradise for adults and children. Because the park was a little small, it moved to the north shore in 1916. With a significant 43-acre Taranga Zoo, (Taronga Zoo). At that time, 228 mammals, 552 birds and 64 reptiles were migrated, including some large animals such as elephants, which were transported to Tyranga Zoo by barge, as was the size of Moore Zoo. The original site of the Zoo was followed by Sydney Boys High School (1928) and Sydney Girls High School (1921).

In 1888, the 100th anniversary of the opening of Sydney, to celebrate this glorious day, the colonial government dedicated to the construction of a large centennial park (Centennial Park). Because Moore Park and Queen Park are located on both sides of the centennial park, they are also included in the centennial park series and enjoy the honor of the centennial park.

Until the Sydney Olympic Park and its stadium were completed in 2000, it was the site of Australia's biggest celebration, the Sydney Easter Farm, founded in 1823 and moved to the Olympic Park in 1998. The original venue was developed into Fox Studios, a film and television base designed to support the development of the Australian film industry. The park opened a market for farmers every Wednesday, Saturday, in the old open-air. Moore Park is also home to two of Sydney's largest professional sports venues: the Sydney cricket stadium and the Sydney football field, where Australia's most famous professional rugby league and football league teams are stationed. Although many of the major sports events are now held in the Olympic Park, Australia's two oldest professional matches (the first Australian cricket competition was held in Hyde Park in 1803); The first Australian rugby match was held in Hyde Park on June 17, 1865. Sydney's annual gay parade, the "gay carnival party" that followed, was also held at (Hordern Pavilion), the Holden multifunction hall in Moore Park. Australia and internationally renowned DJ will stay up all night with the audience High until dawn the next day.

In addition, Moore Park also has (E S Marks Athletics Field), Moore Park Golf course, (E S Marks Athletics Field), Moore Park Golf course, (E S Marks Athletics Field), Moore Park Golf course, (Moore Park Golf Course), Park Sports Center, (Kippax Lake), E S Max track and Field in Lake Kipax, (Royal Hall of Industries), Royal Industrial Hall, and including cinemas. Restaurants, cafes, bars and fashion goods, household goods, and other multi-functional areas. Moore Park is not accessible by train, but it is very convenient to take a bus, and Sydney's new light rail line will also be located here.


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