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Kings Cross

Kings Cross, Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia

Introduction of Kings Cross

Kings Cross is a block in the eastern suburb of Sydney, the capital of New South Wales. Because of its convenient transportation and distinctive features, Kings Cross has always been one of the necessary destinations for domestic and foreign tourists to travel to Sydney. Known as the largest red light area in the Southern Hemisphere, it is also the busiest city in Sydney.

In the 19th century, Kings Cross was a noble settlement of the colonial era, and still can be seen as a magnificent private house. By the 20th century, it gradually became the birthplace of Sydney Bohemian style, and gradually formed its unruly regional character. At that time, many talented artists, writers and so on gathered here, and formed a distinctive cultural cluster. In addition to the fact that, Kings Cross was a microcosm of Australian multiculturalism at the time, in addition to about 3 million foreign tourists a year, 1/5 of the local population were immigrants, including China, Italy, Germany and South Korea. Immigrants from non-English-speaking countries, such as Greece, have added more culture to the region.

Since the 1960s, as a result of the Vietnam War and the flood of drug, it has become a red light area and a capital of drug. When night falls, the striptease begins to usher in its busy night, the lights are bright until midnight. The streets were littered with hookers and drug addicts who were forced to ask passers-by for money. In recent years, as the number of mainland visitors to Australia has soared, pimps in many adult entertainment venues have struggled to learn Chinese with a view to bringing customers directly into the Chinese language, so there are a few stiff "hello" voices in Kings Cross,. Of course, in addition to various adult entertainment centers, there are also many popular cafes and restaurants, because of its distinctive regional characteristics, it is always full of high-profile and prosperous business.

Darlenhurst Road (Darlinghurst Rd) is the main way for Kings Cross.


  • Because there are too many bars, nightclubs and strip shows, Kings Cross security is worse in Sydney, tourists need to be careful when visiting at night, especially gathered strip show area, if not necessary, it is best not to go. Lest he cannot escape under the persuasion of the solicitor.


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